Free Pattern Friday 4/2/22: Maison Fauve Tilda Blouse

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I thought I'd start a new series highlighting a free pattern & pairing it with some suitable fabrics that we have in the shop. It's a great way to find new pattern designers & 'try out their wares', so to speak, before committing to buying from them. As well as design aesthetic, different designers may have a new take on writing instructions that may be clearer or more succinct or have patterns that suit your body better than the more well renowned ones. 

So, without further ado, I bring you our first free pattern; the Tilda Blouse by Maison Fauve. Now don't be put off because it's in French, there's no need to dust off your French/English dictionary because the instructions have been translated to English! However, I don't know how I've got to my mid-fifties without knowing that the UK is Royaume-Uni in French - everyday's a learning day! (You'll thank me later for that when going through the checkout process!) The good news is that this pattern is available as A4 and A0, so we can always print it off for you if you follow this link and upload your pattern:

Print Your Own A0 PDF Pattern

There are 2 variations with this pattern, the one that you see above, with the shorter sleeves with a cuff  & a 3/4 length version (below). There are 6 stitched pleats at the front neckline, with 4 more in the sleeves. 
The sleeve head is gathered into the armsyce & the bodice is slightly flared which reaches mid hip. It's a lovely, comfortable, feminine design, which should be a relatively easy sew, as there are no zips or buttonholes, just a button & loop at the back for closures.
The pattern is drafted for someone who is around 5'5" & ranges from a 31.5" bust up to a 48" bust & goes up to a 51" hip. You will need between a metre & 1.6 metres of fabric depending on what size you sew & sleeve length that you choose, plus a 15mm button & some interfacing.
This will look different depending on the fabric that you choose, the suggestions are for light to medium weight wovens such as viscose, cotton, Broderie Anglais, tencel, linen, silk, the sample above is a fine jacquard. If you want to make a feature of the pleats, I'd suggest avoiding anything that is too busy pattern wise & look for a fabric that will hold a press well.
We have a beautiful Silver grey jacquard if you want something for a special occasion, if you'd like to go for a similar look above:
As Valentine's Day is coming up, why not make a blouse adorned with zillions of hearts for the occasion! Here is our Happy Hearts Crepe:
Check out our current range of fabrics to pair with this lovely pattern:

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