Great British Sewing Bee 2021: Episode 2 - Summer Week!

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Before you read on, I must point out that The Husband received his COVID vaccination on Wednesday morning and not being one to suffer in silence, decided to inform me that he was feeling a bit dodgy 15 minutes from the end of the episode. He informed me A LOT. And loudly. To the point where I had to tell him to "pack it in, I have to see these dresses". A nurse, I am not. Therefore, I wasn't paying as much attention to the last part of the episode as I should have done. but I tried my best! Anyway, onto the goods!

Raph, Raph, infuriating Raph. Of course he's good at gymnastics! Why wouldn't he be?! I expect he can also get the perfect rise on his Yorkshire Puddings and his trumps smell of chuffing roses as well! Basically, Raph is the epitome of a human being and I have now decided he is my nemesis. If only he wasn't so bloody talented and likeable. Another solid week for the guy and I loved that dipped-dye hem lobster dress he made in the Made to Measure, even though Patrick and Esme didn't seem too keen!

Damian, you Lancastrian beast, you! I love him, in the most unromantic way possible. (No offence, Damian.) I do have to question whether he has ever used a pattern before, but I do admire how he seems to wing it through every challenge with his "couldn't give a f" attitude to sewing! The look of horror/confusion on his face though when Patrick and Esme said they didn't like his fringing on his Transformation Challenge was priceless!: 

Again, he managed to nip out to the shop before the second day to obtain a frock for the Made to Measure challenge so he pulled it out of the bag again! Go on, Damian!!! 😂

Does anyone else get really disinterested during the Transformation Challenges?! I get that the producers have to make the programme entertaining for non-sewers and they're probably trying to promote the concept of sustainability by upcycling, but I just find it all a bit unnecessary. Not that I have any ideas of what they could do as an alternative of course, but if the makers of the programme want to pay me for my creative talents, then I'm sure I could come up with something! 😉

Did you see Cathryn dance it up to some grime with Joe?! In my notes for this blog (yes, I write notes, surprising as it may seem!) I wrote "Me and Cathryn would get on famously - she can teach me about growing veg and I don't mind a bit of Stormzy"!! True dat.

Onto the Made to Measure challenge; how chuffing amazing was Adeena's self-drafted asymmetrical fastening dress?!! Oh my days! I think she might be a bit of a dark horse that Adeena, so we'll have to wait and see.

Did you spot Lawratu's version of the Closet Core Fiona Dress?! It's nice to recognise a pattern isn't it! I have to say though, I'm not overly keen on a puff-sleeved dress like a few made. It's just a bit too "1980s bridesmaid dress" for me and having been a young bridesmaid a few times in the '80s, I think I have emotional scars!

Another great episode and I look forward to next week...mainly to see whether Raph has managed to achieve his PhD in a week. 😉

Here are some Sewing Bee-inspired patterns and fabrics for your summer sewing:



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  • Damien is doing my head in ;) how did he get his place? he looks like he popped out for a few beers and wondered into the sewing room by accident haha. Oh and totally agree on the transformation challenge, it just seems like a waste of time and i agree that a sewing lesson or something similar would be great for new or non sewers.

    Sara Murray on
  • I agree with the transformation challenge. It was maybe fun in the first series, but I think some other disciplines could be more interesting or useful. Maybe if the transformation challenge was just from time to time. I personally would really love if there was a sewing lesson in every episode of GBSB.

    Andrea Švecová on
  • I agree with the transformation challenge, it’s not my favourite! I must admit that I love Ralph!

    Meg on
  • I agree about the transformation challange – how about a technical challange like, a fully formed placket or a welt pocket, tailoring techniques where viewers might learn something and it could still be judged blind!

    Debbie Bosco on
  • Couldn’t agree more on the transformation challenge… I get that in fashion/design it’s key to have creative flair, but I’d rather see more sewing!

    Heather on

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