Great British Sewing Bee 2022 Episode 5 Recap - Childrenswear Week

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This is my least favourite week and to be honest, I didn't rush making my pre-programme cuppa, so it was a few minutes in by the time I started watching. I then walked into the room to hear the phrase "to make their sailor suits..." which made me eye roll and grimace like never before, so I wasn't holding much hope for the rest of the episode!

The Pattern Making challenge saw the contestants have to make kids' sailor suits, because that's what kids wear nowadays...IF YOU'RE A CHUFFING ROYAL!!!! I'm not being funny, but if a kid stepped outside into one of the surrounding areas of where the GBSB was filmed, wearing a sailor suit, they'd get bloody lynched.

Onto the challenge and there was a ballsy move by Man Yee early doors, when she chose to be slightly inappropriate by likening making her sexy sailor anime cosplay costume to making a child's outfit 😂, however it stood her in good stead as she won first place in this challenge

I'm 99% certain I will never type this again, but I didn’t  think the Transformation Challenge was that bad this week! In fact, it was bordering on being useful!! The amount of school uniform people must have kicking about, it makes sense to try and make something out of it that kids can wear in their spare time as well. Angela took the spoils with her pant suit effort (not sure I’d have put it on a kid, but hey ho) but I think Marni was robbed in this challenge; she made a great hoodie and shorts set and granted, the zip wasn't the best, but it was actually something you could see a kid wearing!

Honourable mention goes to Gill, who won first prize for the best Max Wall cosplay costume! 😉😂

Onto the Made to Measure, where they had to make a Halloween costume with 3D elements, so they could really go to town with this one! I have to say, kids don’t know they’re born nowadays, with all the technology and paraphernalia they can have on a costume. I have vivid memories of going to a fancy dress party as Dame Edna Everage, one of The Mother’s favourites. The only 7 year old in the world in the ‘80s who ever went to a fancy dress party as a bloke in drag. it’s a wonder I’ve grown up as stable as I am.
Cristian, the bloke from Transylvania, made, yes, you've guessed it...a clown's outfit. 😐 I suppose not everyone's up for being a cliche! 
There were some fabulous ideas and some pulled them off better than others, but the absolute star of the show and deserved winner of Garment of the Week was Debra with her amazing Miss Haversham costume! OMG! How detailed was that?! I would have happily worn that instead of a Dame Edna outfit any day!!

Sadly, and shockingly, Marni was the one who got the chop this week, which was a real shame as I tipped her to get at least to the semi final. Unfortunately the fish pond piping let her down and didn’t make her costume “float”, which let’s face it, is a common downfall when it comes to sewing a dress! 😂

Not a bad episode for Childrenswear week and thankfully that’s now out of the way. Next week is Music Week, which seems more up my street. I shall be practicing my Liam Gallagher swagger in anticipation for the Parka making!

Stay loose until next time!


PS: The Wordle answer was “vouch”! 😉

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  • Love your blog. I pop off to the loo when I hear Brogan. It keeps me sane.

    Suse on
  • I’m with you on children’s week and the sailor outfits, I mean what’s the point! Love your blogs on GBSB, thanks 👍

    Jenny on
  • What, no mention that there was something Brogan didn’t know how to do and had to ask for help in putting the poppers on, “all the gear but no idea”.🤨

    Janet on
  • Always look forward to reading the recap, never fails make me chuckle. I was super surprised that Marnie went. I definitely had her down for semi finals/finals. Competition is certainly a lot closer this year.

    Lynn hunter on

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