Great British Sewing Bee 2022 Episode 6 Recap - Music Week

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Sorry this is a bit late – I got more involved with the Platinum Jubilee celebrations than I intended and have been up to my ears in trifle since Thursday. Honestly, if I never see a mandarin segment again, it will be too soon. However I am here, so let’s cast our minds back to last Wednesday’s fantastic Music Week, shall we!

I feel like the producers actually found a way into my head a la Bill Gates and made my ideal episode! We had parkas, photos of Liam Gallagher, Oasis songs as the background music…bung in a Domino’s and a couple of frozen Pina Coladas and basically you’d have me summed up in an hour!

This is my one and only opportunity to do this, so throughout this post, you will find random photos of the one and only LG. If you don’t like them, there’s no need to tell me in the comments; I have to approve the comments before they’re published so I’ll go a bit “Kim Jong Un” and sack any disparaging remarks off. There's no democracy on this blog, people!! 😂

Onto the Pattern Making Challenge, which saw the contestants have to make parkas. I have always wanted to make a parka. I have about 10 in my wardrobe because you can never have too many; they’re cosy, functional, tend to have a lot of pockets, have a hood and you look cool AF. 

Cristian seemed to be the fountain of all knowledge in this task; Gill asked him for help with her zip and Angela sought help with her placket. How Cristian didn’t lose his schizz, I have no idea. I would be that person that hides their work and doesn’t help anyone. Yes, I was that person at school and I stand by my principles; you don’t learn if you don’t try!!!

Annie reached a new low when she failed to recognise the hem cord, when in actual fact she was holding the hem cord. 😐

Brogan chose this challenge to admit to the nation she’s a fan of JLS and Justin Bieber, which I’d have put good money on to be honest. Despite this horrific fact, she took the spoils with her very Oasis-esque creation. It may have been good, but she has no business even being in the same room as a parka.

Onto the Transformation Challenge and finally one I could completely get on board with, because Ladies & Gentlemen, I am indeed a little but country, a little bit rock ‘n’ roll. The contestants had to turn denims and tops into stage outfits for country music singers. It didn’t bode well when Man Yee stated she didn’t even know what country music was, however Cristian said he liked the Dolly Parton classic, “Jolene”, so that’s a start. I highly doubt he knew it was Dolly Parton who sung it though.

Both Man Yee and Gill decided to incorporate “star boobs” with their outfits, which was gutsy. Gill took the spoils with hers, which looked very much like a Dallas Cowboys’ cheerleading outfit. I don’t think any rising country music stars would get very far with any of the creations to be honest, but they had a go.

The Made to Measure Challenge saw them having to make a David Bowie inspired outfit, during which we learnt one important thing; Debra’s singing certainly does not match her sewing capabilities. Come on Debra, if you’re going to start singing Bowie songs on primetime TV, maybe try and hold a tune.

Angela chose to make a coat/dress effort using a Dashwood needlecord that we have had in the shop! It’s not the first time I’ve spotted one of our fabrics this series; NotSoDungaSte used a Dashwood cotton lawn for his shirred dress, but I didn’t mention it as it wasn’t the best advert for the fabric. Angela’s on the other hand, looked lovely!

I was expecting something awful for Cristian’s garment; it didn’t look to be going well and he basically stuffed his model in it like he was trying to get a lump of Play Doh back in its tub, but I really liked it!! Granted, I wouldn’t wear it to go to our local, but as a Bowie-inspired outfit, it did the job! The model also looked fabulous in it. I know this probably isn’t very “woke”, but her and her Aris looked fantastic!

Annie won this week’s Garment of the Week with her jacket/dress thingy. It was very well made, but a bit “meh” for me. It was between her and Debra but I reckon if they’d have given it to her again, they would have had to rename the award to “The Debra”.

Angela was the one to unfortunately leave us this week, which is a shame, but perhaps it was karma for her openly admitting earlier on in the episode that she didn’t like parkas.

I really enjoyed this episode, but we’re crashing back down to earth with an almighty bang next week with Lingerie/Nightwear Week. I tell you now, I last bought a pair of pants in 2001, which should give you some indication as to how interested I will be in this.

See you in a bit.


Sidenote: Have you ever come across the Sewing Bee playlists on Spotify?! You should give them a go – this week’s one has been particularly excellent!

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  • Fab review (as always) and who doesn’t like a Parka they are a wardrobe staple surely!

    Jane on
  • I look forward to getting your musings each week. Always amusing.
    Hoping to make a bra or cossie sometime so hope next week might bring something like that.

    Linda on
  • Thanks Philippa for the latest Sewing Bee round up! Always an entertaining read and I always look forward to your no-nonsense assessment of the week’s show! Spoken like a true Yorkshire lass – calling a spade a spade!

    Lindsay on

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