Great British Sewing Bee 2022 Episode 7 Recap - Lingerie & Nightwear Week

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Following on from last week's magnificent Music Week, we've come crashing back down to earth with Lingerie & Nightwear Week. I don't have anything against these garments per se (it's not like I go commando or anything), it's just I tend to squirm with embarrassment at the mere mention of "crotch" or "gusset", to the point that I've never even bought underwear in person. I've always bought online so I don't blush in front of the shop assistant. I know, who knew I was so conservative?! Therefore for the Pattern Making challenge this week, which involved making a matching bra and knickers set (they're meant to match?! 😉) I literally spent the majority of this section of the programme cringing, curled up in the foetal position on the sofa. The things I go through for you!!

When going through the challenge, Patrick made out he didn't know much about ladies underwear. I bet he knows more than he's letting on, the saucy little devil!!!

Very similar to the sneaker-making challenge earlier on in the series, I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated with all the faffing on with teeny tiny fabric pieces and Cristian managed to inform us at least 20 times during this challenge that he didn't know anything about bras. Cristian, love, I have no idea about them either and I wear them!

The end results were all ok. Debra's bumpy gusset was a highlight of the series and as Patrick so diplomatically put it, "very unfortunate".

The Transformation Challenge this week involved making going out outfits using thermals. What is their obsession with making going out outfits?! Can we not have a challenge for us introverts, who just prefer to stay in?! Maybe making a pair of comfy PJs out of a dog bed or something? Funnily enough, the finished garments just basically looked like a bunch of thermals hacked to buggery. There wasn't a right lot that good be done to make them look any other, probably because of the plethora of pastel colours. The end line-up was very very reminiscent of a packet of Flumps.

During this challenge, Man Yee resorted to the glue gun rather than stitching her grid design into place. (I presume the glue guns are stored in the same area as Damien and NotSoDungaSte's favourite "sewing" tool of choice - the humble Sharpie.) Esme didn't mind the glue gun for some reason, so welcome to the Great British Glue Gun Challenge!!

The Made to Measure Challenge this week was to make some luxurious nightwear for the gentlefolk. Patrick chose this time to admit to the nation that his nightwear of choice is a nightshirt and he has many of varying lengths. Who knew Patrick was into Scrooge-chic?! He can be my ghost of Christmas past any night of the week! 😉

A few chose silk for this challenge, which is a slippery little bleeder. Even though she took the easy way out and used cotton lawn, I didn't blame Brogan for doing so, I'd have done the same thing!

Debra chose to use French Seams in her construction, so in my eyes, she wins everything! We all know I have a penchant for les seams de Francais (I have no idea if that's actual French, I just made it up).

What was Cristian thinking of with those sleeves?! The poor model bloke was nearly tripping over them, they were that long!

I'm surprised Patrick didn't start humping Man Yee's pyjamas, the way he banged on about them. We get it, Patrick, they were good, chuffing hell - give it a rest!! Surprise, surprise, she won Garment of the Week.

Sadly, it was Gill's turn to go this week, which was probably the right decision as she had a bit of a shocker. Gill made a very nice speech at the end, to which Patrick even shed a tear. They were all positively distraught actually...maybe she was the one that brought the sweets in every week. 😉

Next week is '30s week, which sounds very interesting! I have high hopes, so no doubt they will be swiftly dashed.

Philippa x

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