Great British Sewing Bee: Episode 3: Blokes' Classics (or the one when Farie finished a garment!)

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I must say, I wasn't looking forward to this one. I have very little interest in making menswear, mainly due to the fact that whenever I've suggested making something for The Husband, he pulls the most horrendous face whilst stating he "doesn't want anything homemade", as if I'm going to fashion him a shirt out of a potato sack or something. Charming.

However, Patrick and Esme et al lured me in from the start with the gratuitous photo of Tommy Shelby in "Peaky Blinders", modelling the Baker Boy cap they had to make in the Pattern Challenge. 😍😍 From then on, I was hooked! So as a treat, here's another one for you (it was a hard job going through all the many, many photos out there just trying to find the right one, but someone had to do it! 😉)

Surprise, surprise, Damian went rogue with the cutting of his cap and surprise, surprise, his pieces didn't line up. There are a lot of patterns you can afford to go a bit scissor-happy with (trust me, I would know!) but I don't reckon a small cap with quite a lot of pattern pieces is one of them! I have to admire his tenacity though and as the weeks go on, Damian can't really do anything wrong in my eyes. Except live on the wrong side of the Pennines of course. If he was from Yorkshire, I fancy his motto in life would be "Be Reyt", which is very commendable! 😂

Obviously Raph won the challenge with his amazing colour work on his cap. It's getting boring now, Raph. We all know you secretly work for Ralph Lauren and have been brought in as a stooge; there's no need to rub it in our faces! 😉

Watching that challenge, I do quite like the idea of making one of these for a change, but given the difficulty the sewers had with the plastic peak and the button on the top, I fear I might injure myself. And that's even before I've hidden a razor blade in the peak a la Tommy Shelby!

Now, onto the Transformation Challenge. As they go, this isn't the worst challenge they've ever done, but I don't know why they had to use perfectly good jackets for it. I'm sure they were second-hand but they were still wearable as jackets, whereas it would have made more sense to use knackered old things that would have just been thrown away. Anyway, I'll get off my Greta soapbox...!

Serena's creation was very stylish, but let's face it, you would have to be very confident of your own personal hygiene to wear anything with a snack pocket in your armpit. Nobody likes a moist crisp.

I loved this week's Made to Measure challenge! I'm a huge fan of the utility jacket and I would have happily worn a few of the creations myself, especially Farie's. The fabric she used for hers was just my cuppa tea and it was nice to see her finally finish a garment! 😂 As nice as it was, I'm not sure it was particularly "Garment of the Week" material, but good on ya, lass!

I loved Rebecca's camo raglan-sleeved jacket. I love a good camo print and this jacket looked extremely useful.

Nice to see Damian managed to nip out again for his weekly visit to Rocha John Rocha to buy his finished piece! I tell you, he must be coining in the loyalty points by now!! 😉

It's a shame Lawratu had to go after such a good week last week, but hey ho that's the way the cookie crumbles, and she was the only beefer this week so that's a Brucie Bonus! I have my suspicions they decided to sack her off due to her hammering technique, which was neither here nor there. GIVE IT SOME WELLY, LOVE!!!!

If you've been inspired to have a go at blokewear for yourself or a bloke in your life, then check out our collection of Thread Theory sewing patterns here


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  • Keep these round ups coming, they are more entertaining than the tv show.

    Kelly Glen on
  • If you ever decide to sell up you could always get a job as a “podcaster” very entertaining, keep giving us something to smile about!

    Sandra on
  • I think Damien secretly thinks “lets get the crappy challenges out of the way and then i can get on with the real sewing”.

    Janet on
  • Agree completely , the jackets in the transformation challenge were way too good for that!

    Maria on
  • Great commentary … May the fourth be with you!

    Gill on

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