Great British Sewing Bee: Episode 6 - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair, Redo, Repeat

May 22 2021 6 Comments Tags: Great British Sewing Bee, Great British Sewing Bee 2021

(...I think the title of the episode was something like that, anyway. 😉)

Before we start, I'd just like to congratulate Raph on winning the Tour de France before hot-footing it down to London to film this week's episode. Is there no end to that bloke's talents?!

Andrew started the show by announcing proudly he was wearing a tank top he'd fashioned using a load of old socks. The trouble is, Andrew, is that it very much looked like a tank top made of old socks. I can't wait to see what he manages to create from a boat load of old pants he's found at a jumble sale.

Now, onto the actual programme. I was a bit concerned this week was just going to be one long transformation challenge and in part I was right. The Pattern Challenge (or Transformation Challenge No. 1) of having to obtain enough fabric from secondhand jackets and dresses to make a waistcoat was a bit of a faffy foot-tapping-causer for me, however Raph had the good idea to completely deconstruct his jacket first, giving him a lot more scope for his pattern pieces.

Damo managed to make a sustainability challenge into an unsustainability one in one swift move, by using FOUR jackets for his little waistcoat!! Greta Thunberg, avert your eyes! At one point he sought advice from Serena for the bagging out, which is all well and good, but the thing is Damo you don't actually need to ask Serena, you just need to READ THE BLOODY INSTRUCTIONS!!!! I also have to say that I have never used a Sharpie to mark anything on my pattern pieces and I can categorically say that I will never, ever be following Damo's lead with that one.

Raph, fully loaded with adrenaline and Lucozade from his Tour de France win, made an impeccable waistcoat and quite rightly won that challenge. I do love how Damo reckoned he should have finished one place higher though!

Onto Transformation Challenge No. 2 of this week's episode; making some chic womenswear using army surplus and fresh from making his "some sort of mermaid thing or summat" in last week's challenge, Damo decided to create "a dress type thing, whatever, and a skirty thing". Ah yes, I know them well.

Adeena seemed to particularly struggle this week. However, if I were to guess, I don't think she's right when she said that making a piece of chic womenswear out of camo is harder than being in the actual army. I have a call in to Ant Middleton though, so I'll report back when I know for sure.

I've noticed Serena seems to get a bit of a bum rap and doesn't really get the credit she deserves. There always seems to be a little something that the judges don't like and this week Esme commented that her dress was "too wearable". Is that now a thing?! Are we not meant to find clothes wearable anymore?!!

Farie cracked it again this week by making something that it was odds-on that Esme would like. Of course the shoulder-padded cape won. Of course it did.

Transformation Challenge No. 3 (or the Made to Measure Challenge) saw the sewers create frocks from old jeans. I quite enjoyed this one, actually, although I think I'd be a bit sick if I had to wear a dress made from Damo's oil-stained jeans. 🤮

I think they all did a really good job this week, however Raph's was chuffing amazing! Like something straight off the catwalk at Ralph Lauren, where he secretly works! 😉

It was time for Adeena to go this week, but I think Damo dodged a bit of a bullet and it's a bit weird that we don't seem to see much of that Rebecca. I think she'll start shining through soon.

Next week is Winter Week, which is right up my street as I would wrap myself up in warm clothes every day of the year if I was physically able to do so! 

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  • I think Damian is great entertainment value myself. He is a bit haphazard when it comes to reading / not reading instructions but he makes me laugh every time! Not sure about the oil stained jeans morphed into a ladies’ dress though…

    Gabi on
  • I enjoy reading your blogs about SB . I agree with you about Damian I sometimes want to shout read the bloody instructions. I like Esme but I am slowly seeing that you can tell whose garment she is going to inspect more closely and pull around a bit, not nice!

    Sandra Evans on
  • Spot on again. Andrew’s old sock tank top made me laugh. I can’t understand why Damo was picked for this show. It’s like they’ve got a diversity list and had to find one “blokey bloke” and he was the only one who ticked the box. I’m not into the re-purpose/transformation thing either so looking forward to next week. Serena and Raph are easily the best, but Serena will have to make something very special to beat Raph.

    Cheryl on
  • Thank you Philippa, you made me 😃

    Helen on
  • I look forward to your break down – is that the right thing ? It is weird that some get more airtime than others lol and yes how can a dress be too wearable.
    Loved Raphs dress and would love to attempt to make it. My friend has convinced me to apply for the sewing bee 🤦‍♀️ Even though I’m really a quilter. Hey ho let’s see how that one goes. Thanks for this and will look at the bolt ends

    Linda Ferriter on

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