Great British Sewing Bee Episode 7 Recap: Winter Week

May 29 2021 4 Comments Tags: Great British Sewing Bee, Great British Sewing Bee 2021

Well this was a nicely timed episode, considering the unseasonable weather we've been having. I've wanted nothing more this May than to swaddle myself in flannel clothing. Ordinarily, if the weather had been behaving, I reckon I'd have got a right sweat on watching the contestants sew with warm fabrics!

The Pattern Challenge was a pig of a challenge wasn't it?! Having to make a checked shirt and make sure all the checks lined up in that amount of time? Wowzers. I'm not surprised Farie didn't finish, I just wished she'd cared more about not finishing; she seemed to be a bit blase about the whole thing.

My life was made though during this challenge: Damo used a flannel that we have in the shop!! I feel almost celebrity-endorsed!! 😂 Damo expressed his desire to have his "fust win making a shut", which I think translates to "first win making a shirt". Who knows? These Lancastrians talk a bit funny - we talk proper in Yorkshire so it's hard to understand them!! 😉 He did well, considering yet again he practically tore up the instructions. He does it that often that I've even created a meme in honour of him :

Again, Serena shone through with her shirt; everything lined up perfectly. Raph came crashing down to earth and finished near the bottom for this challenge, which must have been a shock to the system. Maybe they don't have him making many checked shirts at Ralph Lauren. 😉

The Transformation Challenge made me howl! I'm sorry, I know he's not everyone's cuppa tea, but I think they could get away with a spin-off show hosted by Damo, like they have It Takes Two for Strictly Come Dancing. He just makes me giggle. Those flowers and sparkles he randomly sewed on to that poncho-dress-thing he made were a sight to behold!


Farie deserved to win the challenge; I would never have thought to put two prints like that together for fear of them clashing, but they worked well.

Onto the Made to Measure Challenge which saw the sewers having to create a Christmas party frock.

Esme was not impressed at Andrew's suggestion of using a smaller wrist bow than he was intending to but I don't blame him; you don't want a bow dragging in your soup on a night out. However, I imagine there can be nothing more devastating than the silence of said bow hitting the floor as the model's parading down the catwalk, which is what happened to Andrew. Poor bloke.

Damo chose to make what I like to call "a dress with easy access" with a two-way zip. Knowing that he makes clothes for his wife, I wonder if one of the conversations they've had in their house involves his wife saying "For God's sake Damien, can you just make me a skut (skirt) with a normal zip in it for once?!" The sheer exuberance pouring out of him when he'd made something half decent that fitted well was lovely to see. He practically started humping the poor model's leg in delight!!

It was great to see Rebecca so happy with her make; there were fist pumps aplenty when she saw how nice it looked on her model and so there should have been as it was a lovely frock that fitted perfectly and was sewn beautifully.

To be honest, I reckon Damo and Rebecca were robbed out of Garment of the Week. Raph's was nice and everything, but it would have been nice to see one of the others win it for a change. It just seems to be the usual suspects getting all the credit. As nice a bloke he was, it was Andrew's time to leave this week, however I do think Farie dodged a bullet. I don't think she'll be able to get away with not finishing for much longer, now that we're into the quarter-finals.

Next week is Music & The Movies Week, which should be good. The show's getting more and more like Strictly as the weeks progress!

Sewing Bee Inspo...

If you reckon flannel is only to be used in the cold weather, well you obviously haven't been outside in West Yorkshire past 6pm on a spring evening. This is the perfect fabric to make a shirt/jacket hybrid or a "shacket", as the cool kids call it nowadays. Grab your favourite jacket or shirt pattern, make it a couple of sizes bigger than you would normally and voila; your very own shacket! For this, I reckon the Hey June Handmade Cheyenne Tunic would be a good pattern to use:

Pair it with one of these fabulously soft Robert Kaufman flannels:



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  • Yes I could just imagine Damo being on a spin off show walking around the sewers tearing up the instructions, saying you don’t need them!

    Sandra Evans on
  • Here’s an idea, if Joe Lycett decides to leave the show perhaps they could get Damo to be the new host. That would be a great laugh and make the show a bit more watchable again.

    Kelly Glen on
  • Hahah! The husband bird watches with me and also suggested a Damo spin off show! It could be called In Stitches. 😂 But seriously him or Rebecca should have won, the fit was better – I mean, if Raph had come up with his design, mayyyyybe, but it’s straight outta the envelope!

    Claire Oman on
  • I love Damo and his laid back approach and corner cutting! Let’s face it unless you are wonder wo-man you are never gonna make the time! I hate some of the criticisms some of these sewers get on social media! I guess mostly from people who couldn’t in a million years do what they do! I agree with you about garment of the week! Ralph did get a bit of comeuppance this week proving that he was human! Great blog Phillipa!

    Ann Richards on

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