Great British Sewing Bee: Episode 8 - The Quarterfinal (or the day the Sewing Bee died)

Jun 05 2021 6 Comments Tags: Great British Sewing Bee, Great British Sewing Bee 2021

No, I'm not being melodramatic! It's been a dark, dark day in the Sturdy household since Wednesday. The inevitable has happened. Damo went rogue one too many times, and he's offski.

Apparently, not everyone in the sewing community was a fan of Damo (please don't let this be any of you!), however I thought he brought something different to the programme to make people who wouldn't normally entertain it, give it a go. Heck, even The Husband found him amusing and he really doesn't like watching The Bee ordinarily. As a Sheet Metal Worker who works to supreme accuracy, he reckons everyone plays a bit fast and loose with their cutting out!! 😂

It started badly when Damo openly admitted to never having watched Dirty Dancing. W. T. A. F?!! Although, that's what he says; he seemed quite comfortable trying to give "The Lift" a go with Joe. Nevertheless, he cracked on with his satin dress and it actually took him a full 20 minutes to state "I had to go a bit rogue", which to be honest, is a bit of a record for him.

This was a horrendous task, as working with satin and chiffon is tricky as it is, but having to make it in four and a half hours was almost impossible, However, Serena smashed it again with her lovely little turquoise number. Much to Rebecca's chagrin, who at one point I think was on the verge of murdering Serena in her sleep if she had to come second to her in another challenge.

This week's Transformation Challenge was definitely something out of The Mother's back catalogue who fashioned many an item using a pair of old curtains, so it was actually nice to reminisce this week. Thankfully, as far as I know (unless Brother Joel is hiding his pair), she never made any of us a pair of Lederhosen, which is a miracle given her love for The Sound of Music.

Rebecca's competitive nature was certainly starting to shine through for the quarterfinal as for two seconds she was adamant she wasn't going to show Damo how to make a playsuit (come on, love, give the poor bloke a break) but then quickly about-turned and asked him if he was OK, which is what I would have done.

For a change, Serena won this challenge too, but it was well deserved. There was applique and all sorts going on on her garment and the fact that she made a pair of culottes rather than a pair of shorts had to be commended. Who on earth can make culottes on a whim out of a chuffing curtain?!!

Now, before we start on the Made to Measure challenge, what DOES Damo keep in his manbag?

My best guess? His trusty old man slippers, that's what!

This challenge was based upon the costumes of Dreamgirls, the third and final film that Damo had very little knowledge of and therefore struggled from the start. But hey, I don't know about you, but when I think of upholstery fabric, the first thing I think of is "Disco"!! 🤦‍♀️ Chuffin' 'ell, Damo, you didn't even give yourself a chance, did you?! To be fair, the end result wasn't as bad as you'd have expected and his mantra of "stick a bit of trim on it" paid dividends.

Deservedly, Rebecca finally won Garment of the Week, which means everyone, especially Serena, can breathe a huge sigh of relief as the murderous look disappeared from her eye. If this is what she's like during the quarterfinal, who knows what she'll be like next week. If she makes it to the final, she might turn into The Hulk.

I will try and muster up some enthusiasm for the last two episodes, but now Damo's left, it's going to be a struggle. My dream now is for him to come to the shop, whether it be to have a fondle of our fabrics, give a talk, install some kind of IT things (which is what he does for a living) or just for a brew, but alas, he doesn't seem to be on social media, which stunts me a little. So come on, everyone, let's get #FindingDamo !

Thank you for entertaining us with your quirky ways, Damo, it's been a pleasure. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go for a little sob into my sewing... 


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  • I’ve only just discovered your GBSB write ups. Brilliant observations and if you need Damian to visit your shop I may just have his number! ( His Aunty is my sister in law).

    Pauline on
  • I must be getting soft in my old age as I was genuinely sad when he went. It definitely won’t be the same without him on it anymore.

    Kelly Glen on
  • Also a massive Damien fan, my favourite quote has to be “My favourite things are beer, motorbikes, video games and sewing. In that order 🤣” I hope you track him down!

    Becki on
  • I will miss him too; he was fun to watch and wasn’t afraid to do his thing. He even produced some great garments in the process.

    Was shocked when my husband even mentioned he was going to miss him at the weekend.

    Anthonia on
  • Utterly devastated Damo as gone. No interest to watch any more . Hope you find him he is only over the border!

    Sandra Evans on

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