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Jan 21 2017 0 Comments Tags: fabric shop, fabric shop yorkshire, haberdashery, haberdashery yorkshire, sewing, sewing yorkshire

So that’s it – the brownies are all eaten, the till’s been cashed up, my feet hurt and I’m knackered. But what an absolutely fantastic day!! I have met so many lovely people who have all had ace things to say about the shop, which is such a relief as obviously the shop is done in my style but I’ve had to do it in such a way that it appeals to so many people and by the sounds of it, by Jove I think I’ve done it!!

The plan is now to keep adding to my stock, so there is always something new for when people come in (oh no, not more professional shopping – what a hardship!! ) and to also prioritise setting the workshops up. Nearly everyone who came in today asked about them. Luckily I’ve found 3 lovely ladies who are up for running them for me, given my complete inability to teach people anything! So hopefully things should start moving in a couple of weeks or so.

So thanks a lot to all of you who bobbed in today, and to the rest of you, I expect some kind of written explanation why you didn’t visit and I insist you come soon!!

Happy sewing!

P x

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