I Should Coco, You Should Coco, We ALL Should Coco!

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So here's the deal; we're off on our jollies at the end of May so whenever I've had the chance (which is few and far between nowadays*) I have been fashioning myself a holiday wardrobe, which is killing two birds with one stone as it means I also have lovely things to go on display in the shop to showcase the patterns and fabrics.

*The sad, sad irony: owning a sewing shop but not having the chance to sew! 

I don't know if you've had a go at the Tilly and the Buttons Coco pattern yet, but if not then you bloomin' well should!  It's a dead simple pattern to use with knit fabric and is great for easing you in gently with the wonders of stretch.  There are no fastenings, which is great, so all you have to do is get over yourselves and put the dusty overlocker or zig zag stitch on your sewing machine to good use!

I've made the Coco a couple of times now so I thought it was time I should put my own stamp on it, or do a "pattern hack", if you will.  (I LOVE that term!  It makes sewing sound so rebellious and aggressive :) !!)  That's one of the beauties of sewing your own clothes; you can buy a sewing pattern but you don't HAVE to do exactly what it tells you to do.  You're not in a prison camp!  So as well as being able to get the right fit, you can also customise it to suit your own style.  For this hack, with it being for my holibobs, I wanted to make a sleeveless version, so I ended up cutting into the armholes so they finished more on my shoulders rather than them creeping over and sticking out, then I made a bias binding out of some of my stretch fabric in lieu of a sleeve facing. I also wanted to do a bit of colour-blocking so I used two different colours of C.Pauli interlock fabric (India Ink stripes and Cerise) and split the front and back bodices to create front and back yokes. I almost sound like I know what I'm talking about, don't I?!


This sounds SOOOOOO much more difficult than it actually was and I'm so pleased with the result!!  I'm a big fan of Superdry dresses, which this looks very similar to and even though C.Pauli isn't the cheapest fabric (you get what you pay for), it probably costed about half the price to make than if I was to buy one and you only need a couple of metres altogether - 1.5m for the main colour and 0.5m for the yokes as the fabric is so wide (160cm).  The pattern is all cut on the fold, so if you're not having sleeves then there is some wastage, which isn't necessarily a bad thing as there is enough fabric left to use for contrasting sleeves or pockets on future projects.

I'm actually that pleased with how this turned out that I'm going to draft the pattern out properly and write a tutorial for you folks so you can have a go yourselves if you fancy it for the summer!


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  • Great, simple dress that looks like you have paid lots of money to buy… when you made it yourself…

    Alison on
  • Looks amazing!! Well done you! Really like Tilly and the buttons patterns xx

    Kim on

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