I think we’re gonna need a bigger shop…

Sep 23 2016 0 Comments Tags: fabric shop, fabric shop yorkshire, haberdashery, haberdashery yorkshire, roberttown, sewing, sewing yorkshire

My first Sales Rep came today!  I was uber-excited, which was strange.  I’d never been excited over seeing a Sales Rep before.  Although with the best will in the world, I suppose there’s only so much excitement you can muster over metal and fans.

Anyway, this Rep was from a fabric wholesaler who sell designs from Robert Kaufman, Sevenberry, Tilda, Dashwood and such like.  They were all fantastic and I could easily buy them all, however this would ultimately lead to us having to sell our house and downsize  (which might shock the husband) and then needing a bigger retail space than John Lewis so unfortunately I’m having to reign myself in and choose wisely from my faves. I imagine the feeling is somewhat similar to having to choose your favourite kid.  Or cat.  Or wrestler.  (Just me then with that one!)

The hardest bit about this is that not everyone will have the same taste as me, which is a shame.  This means that I’m having to choose some fabrics that I wouldn’t necessarily pick for myself and I’ll have to cater for different age groups, but hopefully there’ll be something there for everyone.  I’m also trying to get multi-purpose fabric which can be used for both dressmaking and quilting so I get more bang for my buck!

Anyway, must Dash(wood), I’ve got some serious choosing to do.  (I’m basically shopping for a living, which just has to be the best job in the world!!!)

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