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Sep 16 2019 11 Comments Tags: fabric shop, fabric shop yorkshire, new shop, sewing yorkshire

Since our announcement a couple of months ago that we're moving to bigger premises, we've been a bit quiet about how its all going. Well, there's a very good reason for that. There has been  A LOT of work to do to get the building up to our high Fabricate standards, so rest assured, there has been plenty going on in the background!

For a start, even though the shop is two storey, the previous tenants removed the staircase and all the power to the upstairs so all of that needed to be restored, which is well on its way now. The upstairs will be the new workshop/studio space, and we're fitting a kitchen up there and a new WC, so if you come to use the space, you'll be self-contained so you won't have to trail up and down the stairs every two minutes for a cuppa! There will also be new flooring, plus as the ceiling's a bit of a mess, we're installing a suspended ceiling, which will also house the new air conditioning so you'll be comfortable working up there whatever the weather. Sewing can be a sweaty business, after all! :)

Hands down, though, the best thing to happen so far is the discovery of a magnificent stone wall upstairs! I just happened to call in one day to see how the builders were getting on, and they had stripped the plaster off the front wall due to the leaky guttering and were on the verge of re-plastering (all the plaster was mixed and ready to go!) when I saw this:

How amazing is that?! It must have been fate that I showed up when I did as I soon put stop to them doing anything to that wall!

Downstairs is practically done now, other than finishing off some electrical works and tidying up the staff area at the back so we're just about ready to start moving in!

Our last trading day in Roberttown is Saturday 21st September, and we're having an all-day leaving party, so if you're free that day, come and wave us off and pay a fond farewell to our first little shop! It will be sad to leave the place that we "cut our teeth" on so she deserves a good send off.

Once the doors close for the final time on Saturday, we'll be in first thing on Sunday morning to move the majority of the furniture and stock down to Mirfield so we can start setting up. At this stage, a firm re-opening date hasn't been set yet, but don't worry - we're still trading online in the meantime! Through speaking with some of you, it is apparent that the thought of not fabric stroking for a few weeks fills you with dread, but come on - you can get through this dark period!!!! :) It will be soooooo worth it when the new shop's open!

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  • Oh no I’m too late just seen this in my junk mail story of my life!!!! Hope the farewell party went well even without me and cannot wait to see the new premises in it’s full glory. Looking forward to seeing you all Friday. X

    Sandra on
  • Can’t wait to visit. You must be excited now

    Carolyn on
  • Wishing you every success in the new shop Philippa! I’m away on the 21st but look forward to your ‘shop warming ‘ 🥂🍾🎉🎊

    Sue Lawrence on
  • Good luck with the move. Can’t wait to visit your new premises.

    Wyn Ingham on
  • Looks good and as I’m ready to go back to needlework , will be there when you’re finally settled in

    Janet Morris on

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