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Wow!  I didn’t know I’d get such a positive response for the photo on Facebook of my vintage Gutermann unit I found!

For you people not in the know (and why on earth are you not following my Facebook page?!), I have bought this little beast to hold all the Gutermann threads for sale in the shop:


It is none other than a vintage Gutermann thread cabinet!!!  How amazing is that?!!  I have named him Gary.  If you know me, you will know I like to give inanimate objects names, hence I have two dressmaker’s dummies called Stella and Delilah and in my workout room I have Sammy Squat Rack and Ollie Olympic Bar.  The only problem I have found with doing this is that when I come to having a clear out, I struggle to get rid of things.  How can I bin something that has a name?!

Anyway, the point of this post is to introduce you all to Gary for two reasons;

1. As previously mentioned, he is a beast and he deserves a proper introduction                    2. He is in danger of being unused.

My haberdashery supplier (we’ll call him Haberdashery Harry) has been quite vocal in his opinions and has openly said that you will not notice Gary.  You will not love Gary as I love Gary and you will certainly not buy Gary’s wares. This makes me sad. All Gary wants to do is earn an honest crust and help sell bobbins of cotton.  Why would Haberdashery Harry want to deprive him of that right?  Haberdashery Harry has in fact said that you would all prefer this to Gary:



Please say this isn’t so!  This cabinet has no soul.

Anyway, I will leave it up to you.  If you see Gary lurking around the shop trying his best to entice you into buying some cotton, then please don’t ignore him.  Otherwise I will be forced to do as Haberdashery Harry wants and replace him with this thing, who unfortunately, due to the lack of soul, will have to remain nameless.

#SaveGary #DontLetHaberdasheryHarryWin

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