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Jun 28 2019 6 Comments Tags: fabric shop Mirfield, fabric shop yorkshire, haberdashery yorkshire

After two and a half years, the time has come to take the next big leap in building up my little Fabricate, which means WE ARE MOVING and will become Fabricate Mirfield! Or just Fabricate. Or Fabricate something else, I haven't quite decided on that bit yet!!

If you've been to the shop recently, you will know that I am basically getting buried in all our fabrics and there really isn't room where we are now for me to sell all the other things I want to sell to give you the best all-round experience I can. So there's only one thing for it - bigger premises!

If you are local to Roberttown, don't fret; we're not going too far away. Just 5 minutes down the road to the centre of Mirfield. Our new premises are basically twice as big as they are now, with an upstairs. The idea is to have the shop area downstairs and then all our workshops upstairs. With it being such a large space upstairs, it means that we can accommodate a couple more people in each of our workshops, as well as being able to have a specific cutting out area and several pressing stations so we can make the workshops even more enjoyable for you than they are now. It is even air-conditioned so it will be comfortable to work in in all weathers! A bit of work needs to be done to the new shop before it passes muster, including fitting a kitchen upstairs so the workshop area is all self-contained. This also means that we will be able to offer a greater variety of workshops going forward which have always been too "messy" to have at the current shop because of the small workshop space.

Mirfield is a lovely small town with more of a traditional high street than some other places, so there are butchers and bakers but you can also buy gifts and homewares or visit the bars and cafes/delis. There is even a coffee bar specifically aimed at parents with young children! So as quite a few of you who visit us travel quite a distance, there are good amenities if you want to make a day of it!

There is good parking opposite the new shop and excellent public transport links; there is a train station just down the road, where you can even go direct to London (I know, weird!!) and a bus stop outside for routes going through Huddersfield, Leeds, Dewsbury, Halifax and Bradford. 

I'm hoping to make the move sometime in September if everything goes to plan. Until then, everything should remain the same but if anything changes then I will keep you updated, obviously!

I will admit, doing this is a bit of a gamble, especially in the current economic climate, and I feel nervous/excited/sick at the thought of growing but hey, we're moving into a former Ladbroke's betting shop so it must be a sign!! :)

I will always be thankful to Roberttown for making me feel welcome during the start of my venture and my landlords of my current shop for deciding to choose me as a tenant over a fish and chip shop! :) So I hope you will stick by us following our move, as the main reason for it is to make it a more pleasant environment for you. As such, you will probably see some little online surveys kicking about over the next couple of months so I can gauge your opinion on things!

Feel free to email me at info@fabricateshop.co.uk or bob in for a chat if you want to know any more goss!! :)

Onwards and upwards!!

Philippa x



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  • Good luck with the move. Funny, that when I’ve previously scanned (and bought from) the pages of your website, I imagined there to be a large warehouse full to the rafters rather than a small shop!! Glad you’re going bigger – after all, size does matter.

    Isabel on
  • Hello & Welcome to Mirfield! I own Beadelicious and Millie & Bertie’s in the town and we look forward to you opening your doors. If you are around and about anytime please pop in and introduce yourself, we’d love to meet you! Xx

    Donna Coe on
  • Good luck in your move. I live too far as away for the workshops unfortunately but I really appreciate your online shop and it sounds like that can only get better if you have more room for sewing goodies, yippee!

    Sally on
  • A great addition to our high st in Mirfield!

    Janet Smith on
  • Fantastic news! I really like the sound of the new workshop area and I’m looking forward to joining you for some Fabrication fun.

    Sue on

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