Two Words…Chicken Dress!

Mar 24 2017 2 Comments Tags: News & Reviews

Did you ever think you’d find a blog post headed that?  Nope, me neither, but I felt the dress I have just made deserves a post all of its own.  How else can you treat a dress that has chickens on it?

Ok, so I am ADDICTED to making frocks out of fabric which is ordinarily used for quilting.  But why not? Why not be brave and make something a little out of the ordinary and a little bold?  The world would be a much happier place if more people walked around in chicken dresses.  And tortoise dresses.  And horseshoe dresses.  Oh yes, those two things will soon be happening!  The new Michael Miller and Blend fabrics we have in the shop are a dream for people like me!

For this garment of wonder, I chose the Tilly and the Buttons Francoise shift dress pattern and O M G, what a magnificent beast she is!!!!  I don’t know who “Francoise” is, but I want to sack The Hubster off and marry her instead!  In fact, the Chicken Dress shall be renamed La Robe de Poulet in honour of Francoise.  (Nice to see I’ve found a use for my French GCSE there!) This pattern is sooooooo lovely to make; simple, EXCELLENTLY (or eggcellently!!) explained and looks really professional when it’s finished.  The explanation of how to put an invisible zip in was also really helpful.  I’ve been struggling for years (and years, and years) to put them in properly.  So much so that I’ve avoided them wherever possible for fear of a nice looking garment ending up like a dog’s been chewing at the back centre seam allowance.  But something’s finally clicked, to the point where I want to put invisible zips in anything that moves!!  Don’t get me wrong, I think it will be a while before I’m confident enough to stitch them without tacking, but hey, I can live with that.  I made the sleeveless version of the dress (for my hols!) and I finished it off with the Peter Pan collar, which has made it look very smart.  Old Francoise will be making several appearances in my wardrobe, I feel!

Anyway, I’m off to dream about my marriage to “Francoise”, who in my mind looks very much like Liam Gallagher. If you want to join my Chicken Dress club, remember if you’ve signed up to the newsletter that there is a 15% voucher for Michael Miller fabric bought in store this month so go forth and chicken it up!!

P x

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  • I like the dress very much

    Kathleen Larkin on
  • I am loving this fabric! I made myself a version with a fine Liberty cord & ive received so many compliments wearing it. I know the pattern can look a bit scary if your a newbie but it’s really not. Tilly instructions are very clear you really can’t go wrong

    Sara Murray on

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