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It's been a few weeks since we re-opened with a bang, so now the dust has settled a little bit, I thought this might be a nice time to show you a few photos of the new finished shop and hopefully tempt a few of you newbies to come and pay us a visit!


The biggest challenge of getting this new shop ready wasn't the heavy lifting, it was deciding on the layout. In the last shop, because of its construction, I was limited with what I could have and where, whereas with this one, I was very overfaced with what seemed just like a huge expanse of space! Luckily for me, The Mother is uber-obsessed with interior design programmes. She actually watches Escape to the Chateau at least four times a day and I think if Angel and Dick walked into the shop, it would be the end of her. So the wise old woman suggested I try and split the shop into areas by using furniture as dividers, which is what I did. I decided to use the cutting tables as a dividing point in the centre-ish of the room. The front of the shop would then be the fabric and pattern boutique area, complete with the urban-industrial furniture that I love, and the back would be the general haberdashery section with a few other fabrics thrown in for good measure.




A major problem in the other shop was that I couldn't display the fabric rolls properly. Customers couldn't get to them to have a good rummage and they always looked untidy. Enter: The Husband!!!! Despite his protests that he had no recollection of me ever asking him if he could make this, EVER (personally, I reckon he was distracted by Honey from EastEnders at the time), he reluctantly set about fashioning a "Roll House". Honestly, it's amazing what you can do with a couple of Ikea TV cabinets and a bit of sheet metal! :) So the shop now has the perfect display for the fabric rolls; they all stay together nicely with no toppling over and everything can be seen easily!



Once the fabrics could be put in their rightful places, this freed up so much more room that after that, everything else seemed to fall into place. In fact, even The Husband had to eat humble pie when he couldn't believe I'd managed to find a home for everything and still had a lovely, spacious shop!

Opening day went so much better than I anticipated! If you know me well, you will know this, but I am the complete opposite of a social butterfly; a lone wolf, if you will. In fact, true story, I purposefully organised my opening day to coincide with Sew Up North so I didn't have as many people come at once! (I expect to receive my Shopkeeper of the Year in the post imminently!!!!) However due to the size of the shop, there must have been about 20 people in there at once but it was still comfortable, unlike in the old shop where if there were 3 people in there, you started to feel a bit warm and claustrophobic!! Putting my introversion to one side for a moment, it was so lovely to see a mixture of regular and brand new people in the shop offering their support and seeing what goodies we had to offer. If you were there and I didn't have chance to charm you with my sparkling charisma (!), please come again and I'll have another go!

So there we are, the new shop is officially up and running, so hopefully you'll come and have a nosey soon. (As long as you don't all come at once, obvs!!)


Philippa x (This is me, and yes, this is my usual stance of perching against the shelves with a cuppa in my hand.)

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  • Philippa I called in to look around a few hours ago. Thanks for being so friendly and letting me go chat to the workshop tutor. As I mentioned I am hoping to get booked on some of them sometime soon. As a complete beginner what I saw in your shop has left me really excited. Hope to see you again soon.

    Susan on
  • Congratulations on your opening, wishing you well. And look forward to coming to one of your sessions in the new year.

    Sue Barber on

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