Freddie Gave Me My SewJo Back!

Jul 15 2017 1 Comment

Have you ever had a time when you lost your sewing mojo, i.e. SewJo?  A period of time in which sewing has lost all magic for you, your seam ripper became your best friend and everything you tried went horribly wrong?  Well I've recently been through it and, friends, I am pleased to tell you I am now stitching like a good 'un out of the other side!

It all came to a head when I made the Colette Moneta dress about a month ago.  I kid you not, I did every single seam of that dress at least 3 times.  Nothing to do with the pattern; it's a simple enough dress with no fastenings and not a lot of pieces to it, I just could not get going with it.  My collar and pockets ended up back to front at least twice each and I'm still not overly thrilled at my attempt at sewing the bodice to the skirt.  So if you think you're the only one this type of thing has ever happened to then you're not - it happens to the best of us!

It was getting to the point where I wasn't sewing for pleasure, I was just doing it because I had to get things out to go on display in the shop.  Which is why I had a go at making up the new Two Stitches Freddie dungarees.  I am sans child, which means that I have little/no interest in making children's clothes and in turn is why The Mother is usually our childrenswear department!  However, she isn't the fastest sewer in the world (probably because she insists on everything being hand sewn) and I wanted to get this one out fast to show everyone what they can make in our Intermediate Dressmaking (Childrenswear) workshop, so last week I begrudgingly set about knocking a pair of dungarees up.

We've just had some lovely 8oz denim come in, which I've been wanting to find a use for so I thought this might boost my enthusiasm for making up the pattern.  I have to say, it's one of the best patterns I've ever made!  This is the first Two Stitches pattern I've used myself (The Mother made up the Frida dress which we make in the Beginners Dressmaking (Childrenswear) workshop) and it was great; the instructions were clear, nicely broken down and I love the way how they show pictures of where you need to put your pins!  Sometimes I find for a tricky part that isn't really clear in the instructions, if you know where to put your pins then it gives you half an idea what it wants you to achieve!

I'm not gonna lie, there is a lot of little things to do when you're making this up, but I wouldn't say much of it was overly complicated.  After I'd cut the pattern out, it took me about a shop day (8 hours, on and off) to get this finished.

As it was so well explained and I kept calm, I found that my seam ripper was almost redundant!  In fact, I think I only needed to use it once and that was only because I'd caught a little bit of my fabric in one of my seams.  This really gave me the confidence boost that I needed for my SewJo to make a reappearance!  Oh the sewing plans I now have...! :)

This is the finished pair of dungarees:

Please don't judge my use of double denim.  I was a big fan of Shakin' Stevens, Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons as a kid (still am!) so this is a nod back to a simpler time!

To celebrate the return of my SewJo, we now sell Limited Edition Sewing Kits - the first one being the kit to make these beauties.  You get everything you need to make the dungarees or dungaree dress, with 10% off the total.  Can't go wrong!

Welcome back, SewJo, and long may you stay!

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  • Morning,

    I have just finished cutting out all the pieces for this pattern, out of the frog fabric (he may live to regret his fabric choice). There are loads of pieces so i think i am going to have to really take my time with this one. I maybe emailing for advice at some point!

    tabitha Grooby on

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