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Ruby Star Society are renowned for their bold, modern prints and have become favourites of quilters old and new. They have now ventured in the world of panels and this Pep Talk Panel includes a variety of shapes filled with encouraging reminders - a great bit of motivation to decorate your sewing room with!

This was a fun project to do & a great idea for anyone who has just started sewing, or perhaps to give as a gift or as a project to do with the kids.

Each panel contains 9 projects with the instructions printed onto the panel, so you can't lose them! There's a bag, 2 cushion covers, 2 banners & 4 pennants, in 2 sizes all with positive affirmations printed on them.

Now being from Yorkshire, positive affirmations aren't really my thing to be honest apart from 'Just gerron wi' it' or 'It'll be reet' but these aren't too nauseating & 'Done is Better than Perfect' is a decent tenet to live by, (especially when it comes to cleaning, not sewing obviously).

The bag requires some lining fabric & either webbing or extra fabric to make handles. The pennants, banners & cushion covers need extra fabric for backing so I had a bit of fun with some fat quarters, matching the backs of the cushions etc. Interfacing is optional for the pennants & banners but other than that nothing else is required. The cushion covers close envelope style so no zips or buttons are required.

All the seams are straight which makes this a perfect project for someone who wants to gain confidence with a sewing machine, without having to worry too much about fit & rewards you with lots of lovely, practical yet pretty items that you can actually use. 

The trickiest part of this project is sewing the points on the banners, they are at  quite a steep angle, which can cause the fabric to get caught in the feed dogs when pivoting at the point, so I would suggest using a thick piece of fabric folded up & placed under the back of your machine foot or to sew down each side separately, turning the work over in between. 

The cushion covers are an ideal project to start off sewing, as you don't have to worry about fit, it doesn't matter if your stitching is a little bit wonky & you end up with something that you can actually use giving you relatively instant gratification too.

Not only can you give the panel as a gift to a keen new sewer but the finished products themselves would also make a lovely gift for someone who appreciates handmade items, so win win.

Find the panel here

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