Sewing Pattern Review: Tilly and the Buttons Seren Dress

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Before we start, you must remember this - your fabric width MUST be at least 130cm wide for the knee length version or 150cm wide for the midi length.  Anything less just ain't gonna cut it because of the flare of the skirt!

Now that's out of the way, let's move on to the nitty gritty...I am not a "flouncy" person.  Anything with a flounce I tend to steer well away from.  I recently bought the Sew Over It Lucia pdf top, which is an off-the-shoulder flouncy number, but I fully intend on making it sans flounce, thereby making my purchase pointless.  Thankfully, the Seren dress has variations to make it with or without flounce so to jazz it up a bit, I went with the option of making it a tie-front, which is something you don't see everyday.  I liked this version as it shows just a tiny bit of midriff, which again makes it different.  Don't worry, ladies, when I say "tiny", I mean "tiny".  You won't look like a Love Island reject, I promise.

The making of the bodice and skirt and sewing them together with the waistband were easy enough...unless you're like me and skipped about 5 steps because you were reading the wrong page of the instruction booklet. (Doh!) But once the relevant unpicking had been done, it was all pretty straightforward.

The only thing that I'm not overly enamoured with is the end result of the tie front.  As you just basically hem both sides of the triangle shape, when you tie it there is always the danger of seeing the wrong side, which in my case isn't as neat as I would have liked for this. Looking back, I should have used my own initiative and folded the hem over twice to make it neater, especially as I chose to zig zag the raw edges rather than overlock them.  More haste, less speed one thinks!

Now, I know there are umpteen buttonholes on this, but I've actually made peace with the humble buttonhole, since I completely abandoned the automatic buttonhole function on my sewing machine and went old school with the 4-step function! No longer will I put up with my sewing machine throwing a strop and refusing to sew one of the sides or to sew the buttonhole too long. When you mark them out and have control over them, they are much more relaxing to do, believe me!!! 

For my version of the dress, I went for the Atelier Brunette Cosmo Blue cotton lawn. I've always loved the colour of this fabric and how it seems to be adorned with miniature Pac Men! Even though the style of the dress is summery, I don't necessarily like wearing summery colours as they draw too much attention to me, so this was the perfect combo!

I must admit, this isn't my usual style of dress; I go more for those with a bit of bagginess to them as I do like a good meal and I also like to feel comfortable after said good meal, however this didn't end up as close-fitting as I thought it was going to be so it is very wearable and I can see me getting some wear out this in the odd beer garden this summer!

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