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Sewing Pattern Review: Tilly and the Buttons Skye Summerdress - Reach For the Skye!

Jul 16 2021 0 Comments Tags: #sewingskye, Sewing Pattern Review, tilly and the buttons

Check out Sam's review of the Tilly and the Buttons Skye Sundress; a nice, quick make to help you not melt during the hot weather!

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Hey, Lyra! Tilly & The Buttons Lyra Shirt Dress Sewing Pattern Review

Apr 07 2021 0 Comments Tags: #SewingLyra, Sewing Pattern Review, sewing patterns west yorkshire, Tilly and the Buttons Lyra Shirt Dress

Sam Says... Hi everybody, Sam here again, with another pattern review. Philippa started me off gently with the Vienne blouse, so it was only a matter of time before she let me loose on something a bit more complex & cut into the posh fabrics - yippee, I thought & then I started to panic, what if I messed it up & she sacks me -  I've got a Springer Spaniel to feed! (You'd better make sure you don't mess up then! 😉 - P) The Lyra is Tilly's new offering to the world & is a shirt dress with...

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Sewing Pattern Review: Size:Me Vienne Blouse

Mar 05 2021 0 Comments Tags: PDF Patterns, Sewing Pattern Review, Size:Me Sewing, Vienne Blouse

Hi everyone, new girl Sam here. Philippa asked me to step in sewing up a sample for the shop as she's busy moving house or something important, so here I am with my first, (hopefully not the last), review for Fabricate...

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Tilly and the Buttons Lotta Dress Sewing Pattern Review: I Gotta Whole Lotta Love

Oct 05 2020 0 Comments Tags: #sewinglotta, lotta review, Sewing Pattern Review, tilly and the buttons, tilly and the buttons lotta dress

There's always excitement around these parts when Tilly and the Buttons release a new sewing pattern, and especially a BEGINNERS sewing pattern! It's been so lovely during lockdown to see loads and loads of brand new sewers, as well as regenerated sewers who have powered up the old sewing machines after years of them gathering dust, so I'm very excited to be able to offer another sewing pattern for you to whet your whistle with! We all know by now how amazing the TATB Stevie pattern is. It's such a wearable item and it's so nice for newbies to make...

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Sewing Pattern Review: Tilly and the Buttons Bobbi Skirt & Pinafore

Feb 07 2020 0 Comments Tags: #gosewyourself, #sewingbobbi, bobbi pinafore and skirt, fabric shop, Sewing Pattern Review, sewing yorkshire, tilly and the buttons

  Well, it's been a while since I've written one of these! To be honest, I've barely had time to thread a needle since the shop move as the response has been truly overwhelming so as much I would like to snarl at you from preventing me from sewing, I suppose I should thank you for keeping me so busy! One new thing that has kept me in the sewing room for the past few weeks though is the fact that The Husband went out and bought me a telly for in there! The cynics amongst you may think this...

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Sewing Pattern Review: Deer & Doe Datura Blouse - The Day I Nearly Made a Boob (Mouth)

Aug 21 2019 0 Comments Tags: Datura Blouse, Deer and Doe, Sewing Pattern Review

On a recent trip to New York, I was lucky enough to pop in to see Jennifer at Workroom Social in Brooklyn and stocked up on their AMAZING rayons! I didn't want to rush straight in to working with them, I wanted to wait until I'd decided on just the right projects, so for this delicious coral coloured rayon scattered with mouths, I chose to sew the Deer and Doe Datura Blouse. Now, I am obsessed with mouths. I don't know why, but if there's a fabric with a mouth on it, I'm there! I don't buy many ready-to-wear garments...

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