How to Create Amazing French Seams

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It is my life’s goal to get every sewer in the world working with and goddamn loving French Seams! Please don’t make me sad; give them a go. I find them very therapeutic and relaxing, especially when I’m feeling a bit stressed. There is nothing difficult about them, they just take more time than sewing a standard seam. The hardest bit is getting your head round having to sew wrong sides together first!

So, in the words of the Fresh Prince, “Here we go, here we go, here we here we go, WOAH!”

  • Pin WRONG sides together and sew using a ¼” seam allowance


  • You might like to trim the seam allowance down at this stage or any frayed bits, especially if you’ve struggled to maintain the ¼” along the whole of your seam, but I never do, unless it's really frayed. I’m clumsy with scissors and have been known to cut through the seam!
  • Press open your seam allowance.

  • Now, pin RIGHT sides together and press again so the seam is flat.

  • Sew again, now using a 3/8” seam allowance (how good are your fractions?! ¼” + 3/8” = 5/8”, the standard seam allowance!)


  • Press the seam again.

  • BOSH! You’re done! Take a moment to admire what you've created and fistbump the nearest person.

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