How to Sew Buttons On Using a Sewing Machine

Apr 27 2021 0 Comments Tags: Sewing tips

Do you hate getting to the last part of a project & having to hand sew a bazillion buttons on? Here's a nifty little trick to try with your sewing machine, this is a step by step guide but I also have a video tutorial on my YouTube channel if you prefer to see it being demonstrated. 

This works for 2 & 4 hole buttons but not buttons with a shank.

  1. Drop the feed dogs on your machine which normally can be found at the back of the machine on the bed behind the needle.
  2. Set your stitch to a zig-zag
  3. Use a foot that is suitable for a zig zag - I have one that is called a satin stitch foot.
  4. Grab your button & position it in place, you can use something to secure it here, double sided tape can work but I don't usually bother.
  5. Adjust the stitch width so that the needle goes into the left hole of the button.
  6. Using the hand wheel very gently bring the needle down again, so that it aligns with the right hole, you may need to adjust a couple of times to get it just right, so be patient but you only need to reset it once for all of the buttons. (See the picture above for the settings that I used).
  7. Once you're happy that you've got the width right than you can use the pedal & stitch 6 - 10 times to ensure the button is really secure.
  8. Pull out from under the machine leaving long enough tails to tie them off.
  9. You should see 2 thread tails on the wrong side & 2 on the right side. Flip your work to the wrong side & pull each thread tail individually & you'll find that one of them will pull one of the front tails through to the back, you're just looking for a small loop.
  10. Grab your seam ripper, or a darning needle & keep pulling on the loop until it comes all the way to the back. 
  11. Double knot all the threads at the back & snip the remaining thread at the front. You can add a spot of fray stop here for extra security if you want.
  12. This is the most important step! When you've finished sewing all of your buttons - RAISE YOUR FEED DOGS - I can't tell you how many times I've forgotten & next time I come to sew think that my machine has broken!

And there you go, super duper extra secure buttons in half the time, hope that you give it a try.

You are welcome! 😉


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