Testing Gutermann Denim Thread

Nov 09 2019 0 Comments Tags: Gutermann, Jeans Making, Sewing Supplies, Thread

The brand new Gutermann denim thread landed in the shop the other day and I've had a few questions about it, so I thought I'd do a bit of experimenting with it and let you know the results! (Please bear with me; this probably won't be the most entertaining blog post I've ever written, but hopefully you'll find it useful!)

According to the product description, the thread promises to "easily and professionally create robust stitching and decorative seams, typical jean cuts and trendy effects". The thread is also used by Wrangler during their manufacturing process so it must be alright!

The weight of the thread falls in between regular Gutermann Sew-All and Topstitching thread. It's very strong; you can't snap it between your fingers like you can the Sew-All but it isn't too heavy that you can't wind it on your spool, unlike Topstitching thread.

Threading-wise, even though the Denim thread is heavier than regular Sew-All, I found it easy enough to thread through a standard needle. The Topstitching thread, I always have to change to a Topstitching needle to get a large enough eye to thread it through.

When topstitching, sometimes I have great difficulty in getting the right tension so the spool thread doesn't show through on the right side, however I didn't seem to have the same problem when using the Denim Thread and the weight of the stitches look very similar to that of Topstitching thread though, which is a bonus!

Personally for my next denim project, given how easy and less problematic the Denim thread seems to be with regards to threading and tension etc. I'm going to give this thread a whirl for both the construction of the garment as well as the topstitching as so far with the experimenting it's all looking very promising!

There are eight colours available in the Denim thread at the moment and you can find them all here

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