Megan Nielsen Sewing Patterns

Gone are the days of spending hours struggling to put together a garment from a pattern where the sizing doesn’t make sense, the styles are outdated and none of the notches match up. 
Megan Nielsen patterns are professionally drafted to industry standards and are uncompromising on quality. Every design is thoroughly tested internally by Megan's team and externally by normal people who love to sew (like you!).
Their paper patterns come in a beautiful envelope and are printed on high quality tissue paper, accompanied by an easy to use instruction booklet to guide you through every stage of construction with clear diagrams and simple language.  
They understand that we all live in a digital age, and they are the only pattern company to provide a free iOS app to accompany all pattern purchases. The Megan Nielsen Patterns App allows you to access your pattern instructions, important information and help tutorials from your iPhone or iPad. Anytime, anywhere.
Megan Nielsen provide free in-depth sewing tutorials with clear photographs on their website to guide you through every stage of constructing your garment. They even provide tutorials for bonus pattern variations so you can get the most out of your pattern purchase.
As a Christian Megan believes really strongly in running her businesses ethically and is committed to using her brand to support humanitarian causes. She donates a portion of all profits to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, which provides vital assistance to refugees seeking asylum in Australia, and World Vision who have numerous worldwide programs to tackle poverty and humanitarian issues. They also produce some of their products through Freeset, an organisation which strives to help women escape sex slavery, by providing employment in a sheltered workshop under fair trade conditions.