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So, to introduce myself, my name is Philippa. Or Phill, Philly or Philpots. Or at Starbucks I am also known as Philip, Philippina, Philila and, strangely enough, even Amelia on occasion. I have been 30 years old for the past 6 years and I think it's about time that I finally do something for a living that I love. Not to sound cheesy, but they're right when they say "find something you love and you'll never work another day in your life". As well as starting my shop, I also help run a kitchen ventilation place in Leeds. Which is as interesting as it sounds. What can I say? Family firm; Dad no longer with us; siblings not interested in taking over the helm...yada yada yada...I end up selling metal and fans for a living!

I have been sewing since I was old enough to hold a needle and be trusted not to swallow it and I'm certain I could sew before I could read and write.  I enjoy dressmaking the most but I can turn my hand to most things stitch-related.  I'm not really into all the traditional "chintzy" designs, which I think you will discover if you head to the Fabric section of the shop.  I'm hoping my more modern tastes will attract some of you to give sewing a go and change your minds that sewing is an old-fashioned hobby.  I also have a blog on the website, which I have to say is extremely entertaining (even if I do say so myself!) This is my first EVER blog which was started before the shop opened and what better thing to blog about than my most favourite thing in the world?  Unfortunately blogging about Oasis would have its limitations given they disbanded years ago, so I have to stick with blogging about my second most favourite thing, which is sewing and everything related to sewing; fabric (oh, the oh so many fabrics!), patterns, and haberdashery. Even the word "haberdashery" is fantastic!

As well as having the online shop, there is a bricks and mortar version in a lovely little village called Roberttown in Liversedge which is about 5 minutes from the M62 and is not far from IKEA in Birstall, so if you ever find yourself with a craving for meatballs, call in and say hello en route!

Anyway, enough about me for now.  I hope you enjoy scanning through all the beautiful, fabrics and haberdashery in the shop section and reading the blog and if there's anything you fancy knowing more about, let me know!

Philippa (Phill, Philly, Philpots/Philip, Philippina, Philila, Amelia) x

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