Workshop FAQs

Do I need to bring my own sewing machine?

No! We have enough sewing machines to cover a full workshop. Granted, they are basic Singer sewing machines that can't embroider, sing, dance or make cups of tea, but they are very good starter machines and certainly more than adequate for our workshops. If you would like to bring your own sewing machine, you are fine to do so, however please be aware that if something goes wrong with it, the tutor teaching the workshop will be unfamiliar with its workings and might not be able to rectify it.

How many people are in a class?

Our workshops have a maximum class size of 6. For classes such as dressmaking where more space is needed, we tend to have a maximum of 5.

Do full day courses include lunch?

Unfortunately not, however tea, coffee and cake will be provided. Our catering facilities extend to a kettle and a Nespresso machine so unless you fancy making yourself a Pot Noodle, then we recommend you bring a packed lunch. Alternatively, there is a café opposite the shop or a Starbucks further down the road if you want to push the boat out.

Where can I park?

There is parking along both sides of Roberttown Lane, however we ask you to respect our neighbours and not block anybody's driveways etc.

I've read somewhere that fabric should be pre-washed before using it, is this right?

Ah, there are no flies on you are there! Yes, you're absolutely right! This is to make sure that it doesn't shrink when you wash it after you’ve spent all that time making something. Can you think of anything worse?! That's why we ask that if you are bringing your own fabric to make sure you pre-wash and iron it before you come to the course.

Are you wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately we are not as there are a couple of steps to get into the workshop area.

Can children attend the workshops?

Unless the workshops are specifically advertised for children, we are only able to accommodate people aged 14 and over.