Fabric Care

We advise to always give your fabric a pre-wash before using it. Fabric can be weird and you never know how it's going to react so it's better to find out before spending hours making something, only for it to shrink afterwards!

For those fabrics you can put in the washing machine (corduroy, cotton, denim, jersey, polyester, linen) as a rule, prewash at 30/40 degrees and tumble dry on low. For those more delicate fabrics, such as cotton chambray, viscose/rayon and tencel, then machine wash at 30 degrees but don't tumble dry, just let it dry "au natural".

Don't put anything containing wool in the washing machine, unless you want to end up with a tiny piece of felt! Dry clean only or for boiled wool, just hang it up in your bathroom while you have a shower and let the steam freshen it up.

If any fabric has particular care instructions advised by the manufacturer (such as Atelier Brunette) then we will include them on their own product page.

If in doubt with any fabric, cut a square off first and give it a wash and dry so you can see how much shrinkage there is in it.