Great British Sewing Bee 2022 Episode 4 Recap - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Week

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We're at that point in the series when we all have to dig out our husbands' old Y-Fronts to make charming lampshades. Yes, folks, it's Patrick's favourite week; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and the contestants had some right challenges to contend with this week!

A nice easy Pattern Challenge to begin with; make a quilted jacket using patchwork IN FOUR AND A HALF HOURS!!!!!!  😮😮😮 Not content with them just having to make a jacket, they had to make the chuffing fabric first!!! They may as well have just provided them with a loom and had done with it!

Amazingly, they all managed to finish something in one way or another, which they all deserve a round of applause for. I had a particularly sweary moment at home when NotSoDungaSte announced he'd never used bias binding before 🤨. The Husband actually said "I wish your mum could hear what comes out of your mouth sometimes!!!" 😂😂 All I'm saying is, if you go on this programme, you should probably have a go at a few common techniques that you've never tried before in preparation, because chances are, they're going to crop up.

If you fancy having a go at a quilted jacket yourself, luckily Brogan was here again with one of her Terrific Top Tips: measure the distance between the lines of topstitching with a ruler. 😐 Thank you once again, Brogan. We eagerly anticipate the release of your Top Tips book once the series ends! 😉 Her advice certainly stood her in good stead anyway, because her jacket was fabulous! If it wasn't for that one pesky mitred corner that she made a balls of, she'd have won that challenge, but instead it was Debra who took the spoils, with her pink number.

Onto the Transformation Challenge, which plummeted to new depths of bizarreness this week, when the contestants had to make a coat out of a coat. Maybe the producers wanted an early finish on the day they devised this one?! I don't have much to say on this one really. They all successfully made some kind of coat from a coat. Job done.

Finally the Made to Measure Challenge; make a maxi dress from an old duvet cover. Now, I make no bones about this and you can judge me all you like, but I'm a bit of a snob. I'm all for buying vintage clothes and things like that, but the thought of a second hand duvet cover makes me want to vom. In fact, I did gip a couple of times throughout this challenge when I thought about what was happening too much. I'm sure I've said it before, but it's like buying your pants from a jumble sale. Thankfully, the contestants didn't share my same level of disgust and they went on to produce some gorgeous dresses! Most impressive was NotSoDungaSte duvet cover find, which I think came straight from Del-Boy Trotter's bedroom! 😂

He did, however, reach for a new low when he contemplated reaching for the Sharpie to rectify a mistake. You know you've lost it, don't you, when your only hope is a marker pen.

Brogan succeeded in making a dress that, well, looked like an old duvet cover!

My favourites this week were Cristian's (again!) and Gill's, who also deservedly won Garment of the Week.

I think Cristian might be a bit of a dark horse. We haven't seen much from him yet, but he's producing some lovely quality garments!

I thought we were going to get through one week without crowning a Smart Ar*e of the Week, however Marni came from the rear with her handmade trim on her dress! Congratulations Marni! Remember, this title offers no kind of prize, monetary or otherwise! 😂

It was, quite rightly I think, NotSoDungaSte's turn for the chop. Shame, as we'll never know if he had any other pairs of dungarees in his wardrobe. He seemed a nice bloke, he could have just done with doing a bit more homework!

Next week is the ultimate snoozefest - the dreaded Childrenswear Week. 🙄😴🤦‍♀️ Don't expect much from me next week; the most I'll be able to contribute are the answers to Wordle, Nerdle, Heardle, Quordle and Octordle!!! 😂

Have a good week!

Philippa x

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  • this one should keep you busy through the episode next week 😁

    Eleri on
  • I have kids but even I find, kids week a snoozefest. And I’m so glad he went, I’m not sure my blood pressure could take much more 😉

    Sara Murray on
  • Maybe instead of childrenswear, you should just treat it like making clothes for a particularly short friend? Or Esme.

    Kerry on

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