5 Crafty Kiddy Things for the School Holidays

Dec 23 2021 0 Comments Tags: Craft Ideas, School Holiday Projects

If you're struggling to keep the kiddywinks entertained over the school holidays, check out these small projects to lure them away from the TV for half an hour!

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We Reopen This Week!

Apr 12 2021 0 Comments Tags: fabric shop, fabric shop Mirfield, fabric shop yorkshire

I'm very much hoping this will be the last time I have to write one of these re-opening blog posts, but here we are again! Yes, people, we are reopening as an actual, bona fide, proper little shop this week, so you'll be able to come and see us in the flesh and meet Sam for reals! To those of you who already know Sam through social media, please don't take this as an open invitation to head down for a social gathering; she has a job to do and I keep her very busy, so be warned - I...

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Blimey, it's been 6 months!

Mar 27 2021 0 Comments Tags: fabric shop, fabric shop Mirfield, fabric shop yorkshire, sewing shop

OMG, I can't believe it's been so long since I've graced you with my charm and wit. Other than writing Sewing Pattern Reviews, this is the first time since September that I've chewed the fat with you...

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A Tribute to The Mother

Sep 01 2020 0 Comments Tags: fabric shop, fabric shop yorkshire, haberdashery, haberdashery yorkshire, sewing

I actually can't believe that this is the first blog post I have written since lockdown started in the UK, way back in March. Time has just passed me by and I really couldn't have imagined beforehand the outcome of it. Shop-wise, we actually had our busiest time EVER! I can't thank you all enough for supporting this little fabric shop through such a turbulent time and I have to wonder, what on earth did those people manage to do with themselves who don't have a hobby as wonderful as sewing?! We are all so lucky to have sewing in...

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It Just Got Real...!

Mar 27 2020 0 Comments Tags: fabric shop, fabric shop Mirfield, fabric shop yorkshire, lockdown, sewing, sewing yorkshire

Well, these are strange times, aren't they! Literally in the space of a week over in the UK we've gone from a free and easy, socially active society to something very reminiscent of a Kim Jong Un regime. As I write this, over here we've been put into lockdown for at least three weeks (the elders like The Mother have to "shield" themselves for twelve weeks!) to stop the spread of coronavirus. (Anyone else hear an alternative version of the "Hey, Sharona" song in their head when they say that word?!! Nope, just me then!). This means we basically have...

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Jan 04 2020 0 Comments Tags: #gosewyourself, fabric shop, fabric shop yorkshire, make your own clothes, sewing

When I was giving the shop a revamp, I fancied developing a hashtag to build our little shop community even further. I didn't want one incorporating the shop name, as they can sometimes look a bit too cheesy and I wanted one that could be a little bit tongue in cheek, which is basically how I am in real life. ALL the time! My first thought was #motherfabriclover which caused more than a few raised eyebrows between Brother Joel and my VA, Dee, who I had enlisted to help with the task. To the point that I barely even got...

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