Our Little Guide to Stretch Fabrics

Sep 16 2017 2 Comments Tags: Fabric guide, Jersey, Sewing tips

We've all been there.  The wonderful (and sometimes infuriating) world of stretch fabrics can have us baffled.  There are so many different ones to choose from and as with woven fabrics, it is so important to get your choice right to make sure your end garment hangs properly. So here is our little guide to the stretch fabrics we stock, which hopefully you'll find useful.  At the end of this you'll have more knowledge of Jersey than Bergerac! (One for you '80s TV buffs there!! :) )  Organic Cotton Interlock This luxurious fabric is thick and quite stable and also...

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Size DOES NOT Matter!

Aug 19 2017 7 Comments Tags: Commercial Pattern Sizing, Pattern sizing

I'm sat writing this while our Pattern Grading workshop is going on, which means I have the benefit of listening to what's going on in the background.  It's a familiar tale, and one which I have come across myself, in that some ladies who might be a size 12 on the high street are actually a size 22 on a sewing pattern and they can't understand why.  When this happens, it is such a deflator to your confidence that you never want to eat again...until the lure of a bacon sandwich comes along, you realise life's too short and you're...

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Freddie Gave Me My SewJo Back!

Jul 15 2017 1 Comment

Have you ever had a time when you lost your sewing mojo, i.e. SewJo?  A period of time in which sewing has lost all magic for you, your seam ripper became your best friend and everything you tried went horribly wrong?  Well I've recently been through it and, friends, I am pleased to tell you I am now stitching like a good 'un out of the other side! It all came to a head when I made the Colette Moneta dress about a month ago.  I kid you not, I did every single seam of that dress at least 3...

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Fabricate on Tour!

Jun 12 2017 2 Comments Tags: Brooklyn Craft Company, Fabric Shop, Fabric Shopping, Fabrics, Mood Designer Fabrics, New York

If you keep to up to date with my exploits on social media you'll know I've just come back from a not-so-relaxing holiday to New York, during which I visited some fabric havens in search of some new treasures! Firstly, I paid a visit to Mood Designer Fabrics in the Garment District.  The area is crammed with different fabric and haberdashery shops and you can basically find anything sewing-related you want there.  Mood is a bit of a Mecca for sewers from all around the World, as it is featured on Project Runway.  You'll be pleased to hear I managed...

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I Should Coco, You Should Coco, We ALL Should Coco!

Apr 25 2017 2 Comments Tags: fabric shop, fabric shop yorkshire, haberdashery, haberdashery yorkshire, Pattern Hack, sewing, sewing patterns west yorkshire, sewing yorkshire, tilly and the buttons

So here's the deal; we're off on our jollies at the end of May so whenever I've had the chance (which is few and far between nowadays*) I have been fashioning myself a holiday wardrobe, which is killing two birds with one stone as it means I also have lovely things to go on display in the shop to showcase the patterns and fabrics. *The sad, sad irony: owning a sewing shop but not having the chance to sew!  I don't know if you've had a go at the Tilly and the Buttons Coco pattern yet, but if not then...

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Two Words…Chicken Dress!

Mar 24 2017 2 Comments Tags: News & Reviews

Did you ever think you’d find a blog post headed that?  Nope, me neither, but I felt the dress I have just made deserves a post all of its own.  How else can you treat a dress that has chickens on it? Ok, so I am ADDICTED to making frocks out of fabric which is… Continue reading Two Words…Chicken Dress!

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