Fabricate Autumn/Winter 2018/19 Inspo

Sep 27 2018 0 Comments Tags: autumn/winter 2018/19, autumn/winter lookbook, fashion inspiration

Brrrrrrr…!  The weather has certainly turned (boo!) which means one thing; we can make things for our autumn/winter wardrobes without sweating like beasts in our sewing rooms (yay!!!) I thought I'd help you along a little bit and share with you some of my fave pieces on the high street at the moment and which patterns and fabrics to use to make something similar.  Think of me as your own personal Fabricate Gok Wan, if you will. Look No. 1: Animal Print This is HUUUUGE this season. My advice?  Be careful!  I love an animal print but it is so...

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How to Make Your Fabric Go Further (Sorry, Mr Accountant!)

Aug 16 2018 2 Comments Tags: Fabric Waste

Am I the only who gets infuriated over how much waste fabric is left at the end of making a garment?  Maybe it’s my Yorkshire blood that makes this grate even more.  Throwing good money (or even better fabric) away is not part of the Yorkshire psyche I’m afraid, but I’ve found that it’s occurring more and more lately and it is très annoying. Take for example, one of my beloveds; the Willow Tank/Dress by Grainline Studio.  The fabric requirements on the pattern calls for around 2m of 150cm wide fabric to make the dress, however with a bit of...

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The Body Shape Struggle is Real

Feb 21 2018 1 Comment

What body shape are you?  Are you an apple (larger bust and waist, smaller hips)?  Or are you a pear (smaller bust and waist, larger hips)?  Or indeed a banana (fairly equal measurements)?! Or are you lucky enough to be the "perfect" hourglass shape?  Ok, sit down, Nigella!!!  If you have a look around the interweb, you will find loads of different websites trying to label you as an inanimate object, which is all well and good, but what happens if *SHOCK HORROR* you don't completely fall into one of these categories?!  I know, unheard of, right?!! Personally, I have...

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A Day In the Life of an Oasis-Obsessed Draper...

Oct 27 2017 2 Comments Tags: About Us

I've always enjoyed reading little "A Day in the Life" stories about people with their own businesses and as narcissistic as it sounds, I thought I'd let you all have a little glimpse into my "normal" working day! If all goes to plan and my Rock Clock wakes me up (Google it, it's ACE!), I rise from my pit at 5:15am which gives me enough time to cobble together usually some form of uncoordinated outfit, throw some slap on and wrestle with my contact lenses before I have to head off at 6am to start work in Leeds.  As some...

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Our Little Guide to Stretch Fabrics

Sep 16 2017 2 Comments Tags: Fabric guide, Jersey, Sewing tips

We've all been there.  The wonderful (and sometimes infuriating) world of stretch fabrics can have us baffled.  There are so many different ones to choose from and as with woven fabrics, it is so important to get your choice right to make sure your end garment hangs properly. So here is our little guide to the stretch fabrics we stock, which hopefully you'll find useful.  At the end of this you'll have more knowledge of Jersey than Bergerac! (One for you '80s TV buffs there!! :) )  Organic Cotton Interlock This luxurious fabric is thick and quite stable and also...

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Size DOES NOT Matter!

Aug 19 2017 7 Comments Tags: Commercial Pattern Sizing, Pattern sizing

I'm sat writing this while our Pattern Grading workshop is going on, which means I have the benefit of listening to what's going on in the background.  It's a familiar tale, and one which I have come across myself, in that some ladies who might be a size 12 on the high street are actually a size 22 on a sewing pattern and they can't understand why.  When this happens, it is such a deflator to your confidence that you never want to eat again...until the lure of a bacon sandwich comes along, you realise life's too short and you're...

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