PDF Pattern Printing Service

We are now very pleased to offer the printing of A0 and Copyshop PDF patterns you have bought from third-party websites. (Yay!)

To use this service, head over to the PDF Printing product page, where you will be asked to upload your file and choose the number of sheets your pattern will print on, which will then automatically calculate the cost for you. Use the comments box for any instructions you want to give us when printing, such as a particular garment size you want us to print if your PDF is layered or if you just want certain pages printing. If we don't receive any specific instructions, we will just print out your pattern as we receive it. If there is a discrepancy between the number of sheets you have ordered and the number of sheets the pattern actually takes, we will contact you to see how you wish you proceed before we go rogue and print it off!

Our charges for printing off uploaded PDFs are as follows:

  • £3.50 for one sheet
  • £1.00 per sheet of the same pattern thereafter

This is for a maximum of 9 pages per pattern. Please contact us if your pattern exceeds 9 pages.

Please do not combine separate patterns and upload them as one pattern as before we can print them off, we will have to invoice you an additional cost for printing out each pattern.

Certain patterns, such as Style Arc, are classed as oversized. This means, they look like they only take one sheet of paper, but the amount of paper they use often exceeds an A0 sheet. If this occurs, we will contact you with details of the additional cost before proceeding with your order.

Once your order goes through, we will either print out your pattern on 80gsm weight A0 or "Extra Wide" paper if your pattern falls within the margins of standard A0 sized paper. We found that 90gsm weight was a little too tough on the pins when pinning the pattern pieces to the fabric, so we've opted for 80gsm, which is a little lighter!

Please note that you will only be able to upload PDF files, with a maximum file limit of 20MB. If your file is larger than 20MB, please send us an email to info@fabricateshop.co.uk and we can arrange an alternative method for you to send your file across.

We are also very excited to have built some relationships with select PDF pattern designers which enables us to sell their patterns direct to you through our online shop. Here's the lovely bit - if you buy one of these patterns and choose the "Add Printing" option on the product page, you can take advantage of a lower printing charge! This is as follows:

  • £2.50 for one sheet
  • £1.00 per additional sheet of the same pattern thereafter
  • First Class postage is charged at a flat rate of £1.50 per pattern

This lower rate is only available if you order the printing of your pattern at the same time as purchasing the PDF. If you want your pattern printing at a later date, then this will be charged at the full price of £3.50 for the first sheet and £1.00 per additional sheet thereafter. 

Please note that we do not print the pattern instructions, only the patterns themselves. If you are purchasing a PDF pattern through our website and choose our "Add Printing" service, you will also receive a link to download the pattern and the instructions yourself.