How to Make Super Quick & Easy Bunting

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Come on admit it, Jubilee weekend is next week & you've left it while the last minute to knock up something remotely festive to join in the celebrations! Well I've got your back, people. I promise you that this is the easiest, least fiddliest bunting you'll ever make & there’s less waste too! So let's get started.

This should make you over 4 metres of bunting, enough for most peoples back yards, unless you live at Buck Palace, in which case make more!

Gather Your Materials

3 x Fat quarters - one each in red, white & blue 

14mm or wider Cotton Tape (Ribbon or bias binding will do the job too but remember bias binding is designed to have some give in it, so don't string it over your barbecue in case it falls in!)

Turning tool (Bamboo point turner, knitting needle, chopstick)

Usual sewing paraphernalia, (thread, scissors, machine etc)

I used a rotary cutter & cutting mat, which makes the project much quicker but scissors will do the job just fine)

Cutting out

This is where this technique differs from others & makes the whole project quicker, as you're going to cut squares instead of triangles, much less fiddly & less waste. 

Layer your fat quarters on top of each other neatly, & trim off the selvedge to make sure you have nice square edges to start with.

Cut into 6" strips. This should yield 3 strips 6" wide.

Stack all your strips on top of each other neatly & cut them into 6" squares.


Now take each square & press them across the diagonal - right sides together (if there's an obvious right side).

Sew one of the straight edges at 1/4" (It doesn't matter which one, as they should be exactly the same but it's easier to offer the straight edge up to the needle rather than the pointy end) See below. 


Chain piecing, (whereby you sew each piece without cutting the thread) will make this process much quicker, just don't forget to back stitch at each end of each bunting piece.

I didn't change my thread for each different colour, I just used white throughout.

Turn Through to The Right Side   

Before you turn each piece through, snip the corners to reduce bulk. Then, turn them through to the right side using your turning tool weapon of choice to get the pointy bits nice & sharp (this is the longest part of the process & quite honestly you don't have to be too precious about this; you won't have Patrick & Esme coming around & criticising your points - it's just bunting!)

Now give them a good old press & align the seam line with the crease that you pressed previously, tuck the excess flap inside & tada! It all becomes clear & starts to look like bunting.

String 'em up 

Grab your cotton twill tape & press in half lengthwise (if you're using bias binding this will already be done for you. Ribbon might resist a press & be careful not to melt it)

Once pressed decide how long a length you want to leave at the end (I left around 6"/15cm) & how far apart you want to space them. I decided 2 1/2" looked ok. Now just slot your bunting into the folded tape, pin & sew. This conceals all the raw edges.

And that's it! Just the Coronation Chicken & the Jubilee Trifle to make & 20 cans of Stella to cram into your fridge & you're party ready. Have a fab time!

Please note that bunting can be made for any occasion, not just Jubilees! It’s even great to decorate a bedroom with. Juse change the colours & you're ready to go.

You can find our range of cottons here in all manner of colours and designs!

Make the triangles as big or small as you like, I chose 6" as it was good use of the fat quarters. Space them further apart  for a longer string.

Happy bunting making!


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