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Great British Sewing Bee: Episode 4 Recap: International Week

May 07 2021 5 Comments Tags: GBSB, Great British Sewing Bee, Great British Sewing Bee 2021

So, it was International Week on The Bee this week and I think it's only fair we start off with some general observations...! 1. This was the week when Raph started to morph into Patrick. What's with the 'tache, Raph?! Get your own chuffing look and leave our Patrick alone! 2. With every week that passes, Damian (or Damo as I now choose to refer to him as I would like him to be my friend) becomes more and more like Paddy McGuinness. One week, he will actually come out with the phrase "Let the needle see the thread", I'm convinced of...

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