Make Yourself Some Merry Sustainable Christmas Decorations

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I'm back with part 2 of our Sustainable Christmas blogs & this week I've got some suggestions for Christmas decorations. Last week we looked at getting prepared for Christmas with Advent calendars, stockings etc. These projects are great scrap busters, reusable & should become heirloom pieces too.

Christmas Tree Decorations

There's lots of ideas on YouTube & Pinterest for making your own Christmas tree ornaments from simple felt. Debs Days has a few tutorials here or we have some little kits from the Make Arcade, with all the bits & pieces that you need to make a Christmas jumper ornament or a Stan Snowman. All that's needed is scissors, pins, tea & cake! Buying a ready made kit cuts down on having to buy a whole bag of toy stuffing & a shed load of felt just for one small project but should you need toy stuffing, we have some made from recycled plastic bottles!

Spend an afternoon crafting these with your little ones & create some lovely memories which will encourage them to want them to bring them out year after year, instead of binning them when fashions change.
Or how about using up your scraps & make yourself some lovely quilted ones, a good low risk way to try your hand at a new skill if you haven't quilted before! Here's a full tutorial of how to do it.


Christmas Wreath

This is a great scrapbuster for all those bright coloured leftovers of fabric or some Christmassy fat quarters - you will just need a frame to tie your scraps to, like the one below. You can either upcycle one or most craft stores & garden centres will have them.

Simply cut your fabric into 1" x 6"  strips & tie onto the wire rings - no sewing required! Add extra embellishments if you like, such as pine cones, dried oranges & cinnamon.



Alternatively, you could simply wrap a wreath with a wide festive themed ribbon & go for simple embellishments or go mad & make one out of pom-poms! Or the ultimate upcycling project for all your leftover reels - simply wrap fabric or ribbon around empty thread reels, arrange artfully & finish with a wide red ribbon.

If you want a smaller wreath to hang on the tree, we have a mini kit from Make Arcade with all the felt & mini pom-pom trims provided to make a cute decoration.


Cut down on your disposables at Christmas & sew your own serviettes/napkins. Choose from our lovely range of festive themed fabrics here - a metre will make 4 decent sized ones & simply double hem them. For a more subtle take on the festivities take a look at our Dashwood Spice collection. These can be used for any winter occasion but are still suitably festive for your Christmas dinner & would make a lovely gift too!


Table Runner & Placemats

If you're feeling a little bit more ambitious you could make a matching table runner & placemats to go with your serviettes above. These can be as simple as you like but could be a good time to practice some free motion embroidery & applique.

Christmas Tree Skirt

Whether you opt for a real Christmas tree or an artificial one, a handmade skirt will catch all the pine needles & make the stand look a little bit more decorative, providing a lovely backdrop for your gifts & maybe creating a heirloom piece that you will bring out year after year. You can make these as simple or as fancy as you like. Ellie & Mac have a free pattern for a quick & easy skirt, which simply ties together & can be made in fun festive prints or something a little bit more luxurious such as velvet, satin or faux suede.


Or if you fancy having a bash with some of our fat quarter bundles, here's a lovely star shaped skirt from Gathered using patchwork braids to form an 8 pointed star. There's a handy table to adapt the skirt to fit whatever tree that you have & you could even make it from old clothes & bedding to make it more sustainable! 

That's it from me this week. I hope I've given you some ideas for having a less throwaway Christmas to create some decorations that you & your family will have fond memories of making things together that you will uses year after year.
Sam x

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