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Hey, Lyra! Tilly & The Buttons Lyra Shirt Dress Sewing Pattern Review

Apr 07 2021 1 Comment Tags: #SewingLyra, Sewing Pattern Review, sewing patterns west yorkshire, Tilly and the Buttons Lyra Shirt Dress

Sam Says... Hi everybody, Sam here again, with another pattern review. Philippa started me off gently with the Vienne blouse, so it was only a matter of time before she let me loose on something a bit more complex & cut into the posh fabrics - yippee, I thought & then I started to panic, what if I messed it up & she sacks me -  I've got a Springer Spaniel to feed! (You'd better make sure you don't mess up then! 😉 - P) The Lyra is Tilly's new offering to the world & is a shirt dress with...

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