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Brrr - it's chilly outside - how about a free pattern for a cardigan to keep your cockles warm! 

The Harper Cardigan by Sinclair Patterns is a classic semi fitted cardigan designed for knit fabrics, which is available in 4 different lengths: cropped, classic, longline and duster & has 3 sleeve options: short, 3/4 or long which are finished with cuffs or bands. If you fancy giving it a go, it's an easy sew & as you can print it off on A0 if you don't fancy all that pesky Sellotaping A4 sheets together, we can print it off for you to save a bit of time.


There are no buttons for this cardigan, which is a bonus if you don't fancy tackling buttonholes on a knit fabric! Instead, it's finished with simple bands or split hem (duster only). 

There are 16 sizes to choose from plus 3 different height ranges from petite, regular & tall: 5'1" up to 5'9" - good news if you don't fall into the average range & always find that sleeves are too short! In addition, the pattern has been drafted for different cup sizes too.
I've made this cardigan a couple of times myself & can vouch for the instructions being thorough & clear, however, I had to laugh when I saw that it could be made up in an hour - not by me it can't, but maybe someone out there could! There's a challenge for you! Mind you, I usually spend an hour faffing around trying to squeeze it out of less fabric than recommended!
Speaking of fabric, you're going to need between 1.25m & 2.5m depending on which variation & size that you make & 50% stretch is recommended, although I reckon it doesn't need quite that much; the sleeves are quite fitted but there's no neckband to stretch over your head!
We've got several options for you to make up this very versatile cardigan, such as Jacquard Knit, which is  lovely medium weight cotton jersey, it has a good 30% crosswise stretch, which I think would be fine for the cardigan.
We've also got Oeko-Tex Waffle Jacquard Knits which are a little bit lighter weight and with 40 - 50% stretch & would be perfect for the longer duster style.
Or how about trying out this Recycled Cotton which is a lovely cotton & poly blend rib knit. There's around 30% stretch in this because of the ribbing.
If you fancy standing out from the crowd, this Mind the Maker Element collection features a bold geometric print that will make you a real statement cardigan. This is an organic cotton with around 5% elastane giving around 20% stretch & is available in an indigo blue or green.
I hope that's given you dome ideas for keeping snuggly until the sunshine appears, however let's face it in Yorkshire, you still need a cardigan to chuck on even when it's bright sunshine! 
I'll be back next week with another free pattern, in the meantime wrap up warm with a cardigan & turn the heating down - the gas bills are going up!
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