Great British Sewing Bee 2022 Episode 3 Recap - Summer Week

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After last week's fiasco I had a lot of hope for this week, as it seemed by watching the trailer that it was going to be relatively normal and thankfully my hopes were not dashed! In fact, even the Transformation Challenge wasn't that bad this week, so things are looking up! 

It's quite nice that the producers are now giving the contestants the chance to set the challenges themselves, as this week the Pattern Challenge was obviously chosen by Brogan, the puff-sleeved, shirred dress queen, as they had to make guess what? A puff-sleeved, shirred dress. 🙄 There's no point even telling you the winner of this one, is there?!

We all learnt something during this challenge though, when Brogan kindly shared with us her top tip to feed elastic through a channel; "use a safety pin". 😐 Throw a dog a bone, Brogan, for crying out loud. Maybe her top tip could have been to explain to DungaSte (whose dungarees now seem to sadly have been a one-off) how to construct a dress, because he didn't really have much of an idea this week. He doesn't seem to be really up on many techniques thus far, which is fair enough given that he only started sewing in lockdown and not everyone can be a "Raph" from the last series (who quite frankly was a sewing freak of nature 😂), but you have to be very confident to think, "I've been sewing a year or so now, do you know what? There's nowt to it - I'm going to apply for the Sewing Bee!" I mean, WTF?! That's the equivalent of me thinking I can hold my own in the Royal London Philharmonic with my Grade 3 violin!

Anyway, apart from NotSoDungaSte's effort, which was mainly just fabric pinned to the mannequin, and Richy's dress which seemed a bit on the wonk on the whole, the line-up of mannequins was very reminiscent of a cast shot from Little House on the Prairie and everyone did a good job. Some of the shirring was obviously done after a cheeky gin as it was a bit skew-whiff, but who wouldn't have a sly snifter in that room?! In fact, Michael Landon who played Charles Ingalls in Little House on the Prairie allegedly used to have vodka in his coffee cup, so it's quite fitting really! 😂


(The Legend that was Michael Landon)

The Transformation Challenge this week involved having to make a summer outfit from a hammock, which is probably one of the most normal challenges we've had, given that a hammock is just basically a huge rectangle of fabric. The curve ball was, though, for them to use the fancy macrame trims as part of the outfit. At one stage, I thought we were going to have two contenders for our Smart Ar*e of the Week when Man Yee started plaiting some rope and Angela mentioned she'd just done a macrame class at the WI, but no - false alarm! Angela won this week, but there were a few that were really good and actually wearable, which made a nice change. You see, it is possible to think of an entertaining Transformation Challenge without being weird!!

The Made to Measure Challenge saw the contestants make a co-ordinating summer outfit, which you see everywhere at the moment. Even I'm planning a Friday Pattern Company Saguaro Set for my hols! The fabrics they all used this week were utterly swoon-worthy and the models all looked amazing in the outfits!

We finally found our Smart Ar*e of the Week during this challenge; for the second week running Richy was given the honours due to his decision to draft his own pattern. However Smart Ar*e of the Week swiftly turned into Numpty of the Week when we discovered that he hadn't practiced making his garment!! RICHY!!! WTAF?!!?! I mean, I'm no lover of the toile, but if I was a contestant on this programme, I'd be toiling and practicing 'til the cows came home! For the second week running, he failed to make something that fit his model, which was lucky for NotSoDungaSte as I think he dodged a bullet because it was Richy's turn to go home.

My favourites this week were Brogan's and Cristian's (Cristian's fabric was to die for!!!) and I'm surprised Brogan didn't win Garment of the Week as she had a good solid week, but Debra came from the rear to win it with her boat co-ord! Not my cuppa tea, but a very well made set.

Next week is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle week, which I have a strange feeling annoyed me a bit last year...was that the Transformation Challenge with the chuffing parachutes?!!!! Anyway, I'll go into it with an open mind...! 😂

Catch ya next week. Be good.

Philippa x

Footnote: How amazing would it be to have a conversation with Esme?! She just drops things in like how she made the shirts for Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo & Juliet!! 😮 Looking into it, she also made Cillian Murphy's costumes in 28 Days Later, which means she could have possibly met Tommy Shelby!!! 😮😍 All roads lead to Tommy Shelby...! 😂

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  • Love you comments looking forward to read every week

    I’m glad the right one went what was he thinking not practice at home 🥺

    Cya next week

    Dee on
  • Loving these weekly summaries! Glad it’s not just me who thinks it was daft to draft draft your own pattern and not even test it. WTAF?

    Julia Clark on
  • Agree with you Janet Some models with larger bodies especially bigger boobs would be a good idea The models seem so normal Let’s have some shapes please Keep up your great amusing comments Philippa I look forward to them each week 😂
    Patricia look at Minerva who show lots of the fabrics they use

    Lynn savage on
  • Debra’s fabric is a Lady McElroy cotton. The pattern she used for the top is, i think, a Simplicity one. I had the pattern many moons ago but it got recycled (binned) because the fit was just horrible, or it could just be because haven’t got the standard model measurements.
    Taking of models wouldn’t it be nice to see the odd + sized body that they have to sew for.

    janet shaw on
  • Richard Herring’s 2nd Leicester Square Theatre podcast interview with Joe is hilarious. Esme makes an appearance from the front row. She and Joe have clearly been out on the lash.

    Lisa on

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