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It Just Got Real...!

Mar 27 2020 Tags: fabric shop, fabric shop Mirfield, fabric shop yorkshire, lockdown, sewing, sewing yorkshire

Well, these are strange times, aren't they! Literally in the space of a week over in the UK we've gone from a free and easy, socially active society to something very reminiscent of a Kim Jong Un regime. As I write this, over here we've been put into lockdown for at least three weeks (the elders like The Mother have to "shield" themselves for twelve weeks!) to stop the spread of coronavirus. (Anyone else hear an alternative version of the "Hey, Sharona" song in their head when they say that word?!! Nope, just me then!). This means we basically have...

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We Are Underway!

Nov 14 2019 Tags: fabric shop, fabric shop Mirfield, fabric shop yorkshire, new shop, sewing yorkshire, small business

It's been a few weeks since we re-opened with a bang, so now the dust has settled a little bit, I thought this might be a nice time to show you a few photos of the new finished shop and hopefully tempt a few of you newbies to come and pay us a visit!   The biggest challenge of getting this new shop ready wasn't the heavy lifting, it was deciding on the layout. In the last shop, because of its construction, I was limited with what I could have and where, whereas with this one, I was very overfaced...

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Mirfield, WE ARE IN YOU!

Oct 22 2019 Tags: fabric shop Mirfield, fabric shop yorkshire, sewing shop

Yes, friends, it's been a loooooong month since we closed the doors on our Roberttown shop! Stairs have been built, electric has been connected, flooring has been installed, and I am very happy (and relieved!) to say that we are ready for opening on Saturday 26th October! I have to say, moving shop is about 100 times harder than starting from scratch. In the first shop, we fit the furniture then bought enough stock to suit. This time round, we had alllllll the stuff from the old shop to fit in, plus extra products, and so had to buy/make the...

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Times are a Changing...

Jun 28 2019 Tags: fabric shop Mirfield, fabric shop yorkshire, haberdashery yorkshire

After two and a half years, the time has come to take the next big leap in building up my little Fabricate, which means WE ARE MOVING and will become Fabricate Mirfield! Or just Fabricate. Or Fabricate something else, I haven't quite decided on that bit yet!! If you've been to the shop recently, you will know that I am basically getting buried in all our fabrics and there really isn't room where we are now for me to sell all the other things I want to sell to give you the best all-round experience I can. So there's only...

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