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Well, these are strange times, aren't they! Literally in the space of a week over in the UK we've gone from a free and easy, socially active society to something very reminiscent of a Kim Jong Un regime. As I write this, over here we've been put into lockdown for at least three weeks (the elders like The Mother have to "shield" themselves for twelve weeks!) to stop the spread of coronavirus. (Anyone else hear an alternative version of the "Hey, Sharona" song in their head when they say that word?!! Nope, just me then!). This means we basically have to stay indoors but for "essential" shopping, once a day exercise and for work if we're still able to do so safely, with minimal human contact. I'm lucky in that I've been able (thus far) to carry on with our online shop even though our bricks and mortar shop has had to close. I am currently a team of one so it's a bit hectic at this end trying to keep everyone fabrically satisfied!

To say some people have gone crazy is an understatement. Where I live in West Yorkshire, toilet rolls are on the verge of being sold on the black market, we haven't seen an egg in days and even the golden nectar of Yorkshire Tea is hard to come by. Not that we have shortages. Oh no. This is just what the Stockpilers of Great Britain have decided is necessary to keep them sustained until they can nip out to the shops again. I must say I'm surprised that both eggs AND toilet roll have run out; surely if you have a boat load of eggs, the last thing you need is toilet roll?!!

Anyway, I'm sure the thought of being inside for three weeks would fill a large section of the population with dread, but not me! I think this is when us sewers and crafters in general are gonna shine! I have literally been in training for this moment all my life! I am definitely not a social butterfly, and have always preferred locking myself away somewhere keeping busy rather than going out and now, I don't even have to think of a reason to stay in - Boris has done it for me!

At this point, I have officially been "locked up" for three days and aside from the fact that everyone seems to be kinder to each other in general, I have learnt/observed the following:

  • Our Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty, looks more ill as the days progress, which is very concerning.
  • How much I hate getting up at 5:30am to go to work.
  • Celebrities, who are now having to be on TV programmes via Skype rather than in the studio, tend to have very strangely decorated rooms.
  • How to make a DIY hair dye to get me through the lack of professional hair styling. (Don't worry, Darren, I WILL NOT be doing this!!!)
  • How much I love coffee shops and Greggs.

Now, this is only in the first three days...who knows what I will get out of a whole three weeks!

I expect regardless of where you are at this moment in time, you are in a similar situation to me. I know for some people this is a dreadful, dreadful time, but my advice (as a professional social-distancer) is this: don't dwell on what you can't do, look at the opportunities that this has given you. We're all guilty of running around at 3 million miles an hour, trying to get everything done, but now you don't have to. Have a day where you only watch Friends, another when you don't wear makeup or even get dressed out of your pyjamas and do that slow sewing you just never seem to have time for! Now is the time for you to finally try making that jacket or pair of jeans! Believe it or not, at this moment in time, the world, my friend, is your oyster!

My personal goals for this downtime are:

  • To watch the last two seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm with The Husband.
  • To get my shop accounts up to date (there is a little part of me that thinks this is all a grand conspiracy thought up by my accountant so I'll get my books in order!).
  • Do my next assignment for my degree course.
  • Get cracking on my warm weather wardrobe. I might not be able to leave the premises, but I will rock that garden like a boss!!!
  • Learn how to use my cover-stitch machine that I bought 18 months ago and has lived under my sewing table ever since.

Of course, I'm not expecting too much. I expect the most I'll have ended up doing by the end of this three week period is a bit of washing, then I'll be praying for a lockdown extension!

Whatever your plans (if you have any) enjoy your time at home and take care!

PS: Is it only me that thinks the blown up images of what coronavirus looks like under a microscope would look amazing as a fabric design?!!

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