Sewing Pattern Review: Waves & Wild Heyday Dungarees

May 24 2021 0 Comments

I have wanted a pair of dungarees for a long time. They always look so comfy and cute on other people, yet I have always thought they would make me look like an extra from Prisoner: Cell Block H or a substitute member of Rod, Jane & Freddy.

After months of research into what could be the perfect dungaree pattern for me, Sam waltzed into the shop one day wearing what looked like the comfiest pair of dungarees known to man and I was sold. I make no apologies for blatantly copying her pair; she made the Waves & Wild Heyday Dungarees and used a black linen as she herself wasn't sure whether dungarees were for her or not. I reckon black is a good colour to test out a pattern with. As much as you might fancy a bold colour from the outset, black (or any dark colour) will enable you to blend in a little bit more, which gives you chance to get used to a new style. Then when you feel comfortable, make a bolder pair, which you will then wear like a boss rather than feeling like you want to hide in a dark corner! Take it in stages, people!

What has also put me off dungarees in the past is that often the trousers are attached to the bib separately, leaving room for all sorts of potential camel toe issues to occur if you don't make sure the bodice and the legs are the correct length at the waist. The Heyday dungarees are basically all in one so you just have two pieces for the front and two for the back rather than separate bib pieces. The length is then determined by how you tie your straps, so you can have your crotch as high or as low as you want. Couple that with a cheeky trouser turn-up and you're sorted!

The pattern is actually drafted for someone who is 5'5", however both Sam and I are 5'8" and neither of us had to add extra length at the waist.

There are five, yes FIVE pockets on these, which is ideal for me as I am basically an eight year old boy when it comes to stuffing things in my pockets. I'm sure The Husband expects to find a toy soldier in one of my pockets when he empties them for the wash!! 😂

The fabric I used for these was our ridiculously soft and floaty black viscose linen, as I wanted to soften the shape of the dungarees. One of my concerns as a reluctant dungaree wearer, was that they could look too rigid and boyish.

All in all, I am definitely a dungaree convert! I think I'll stick to this pattern for a while, and then I'll try some different styles once my confidence builds up. If no-one asks me to sing a jolly little tune like Rod, Jane & Freddy when I'm out and about, then I'll know I've cracked it! 

The Waves & Wild Heyday Dungarees pattern is a PDF only pattern which can be found here. Don't forget to come to us for your A0 printing of it - it'll save you the ballache of sticking together your 3 million sheets of A4!! 😂 Order your A0 print here

Check out our linen and linen blends here, if you fancy your own pair of Heydays!


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