Waves & Wild Woodland Wanderer Coat Review

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We've recently become a stockist for Waves & Wild patterns, formerly Made by Jack's Mum. They have a lovely range of both adult & children's patterns that are practical & wearable. Since I've now got a toddler I can sew for, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out one of their children's patterns.

Like all the W&W children's patterns, the Woodland Wanderer coat sizes range from birth right up to age 12, which is perfect for growing girls & boys. If you trace off the pieces (& there's only 5 including the optional pocket), you should have a pattern which will last you for years!

There's some lovely features to this coat; the hood is perfect for keeping the draught off their head, there's an optional dipped curved hem at the back, you can add as many buttons, toggles or snaps that you prefer & it can be made reversible. The cuffs are designed to be turned back which gives your little ones room to grow. If you've never made a coat before, this is a great one to start with as the construction is very simple & the instructions are nice & clear.

I used some 'vegan' wool & faux shearling leftover from a couple of other projects, (another bonus of making kids clothes is you can make summat with next to nowt!). The shearling was a pain to sew with; there was fluff everywhere & I didn't quite have enough, so I had to line the main part of the sleeves with a normal acetate lining, just sewing on around 2" of shearling at the end for the turn ups. This meant that I actually took more time faffing about cutting out the fabric, than sewing it! 


The construction is really straightforward but the only notches on the entire pattern were to indicate the front & back sleeves (these are sewn in on the flat, which is a lot easier than all that gathering & sewing in the round malarkey). While I found the lack of notches a bit odd, especially on the hood, as the central part is straight going into the curve, I just made sure that I pinned on the seam lines & it fitted perfectly.

The lining is constructed in the same way as the outer shell, except that you leave a gap in the lining to pull it through. You need to decide whether you're doing loops or buttonholes before attaching them right sides together, as the loops are sewn on first.

There's an extra button & buttonhole in the interior to ensure everything hangs straight, as there's quite a large overlap. I really didn't fancy trying buttonholes on my machine with all that fluffy shearling potentially getting caught up in the feed dogs, so I decided to try my hand at my first handsewn buttonhole. (It's actually much easier than I thought but needed nerves of steel cutting into a 95% finished coat. I can tell you - I did practice first 😉)

I thought that toggles would be easier for a toddler to handle plus they are really cute. I sewed them on as I would a button with a shank on, placing a matchstick between the fabric & the toggle, just to give a bit of wiggle room and a small button on the lining side as a security button. Since I was in the mood for a bit of hand sewing, I decide to sew the bottom of the sleeves by hand too, chiefly because I thought that it would be a faff getting it under the machine. 


So here's the finished coat, or coit, as we say in Yorkshire, which I gave Alice for her 1st birthday! I made her the age 2, so there'll will be plenty of room for her to grow into it & it'll hopefully still fit her next winter too. 

We've got some lovely fabrics in stock that would be suitable for this coat, such as these fun Kaleidoscope corduroys by Dashwood Studio (below). Or try it in a denim lined with our lovely Robert Kaufmann Flannels (below). We've also got a lovely navy blue boiled wool & if you're really lucky you might find something in our remnant bin as the smaller sizes take less than a metre of fabric.

If you fancy giving it a go, you can get the pattern here & we can print it for you too! 


Let me know if you fancy giving this pattern a go & just try saying Waves & Wild Woodland Wanderer over & over, it's a right tongue twister!

Until next time - Sam xx 

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