A Tribute to The Mother

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I actually can't believe that this is the first blog post I have written since lockdown started in the UK, way back in March. Time has just passed me by and I really couldn't have imagined beforehand the outcome of it.

Shop-wise, we actually had our busiest time EVER! I can't thank you all enough for supporting this little fabric shop through such a turbulent time and I have to wonder, what on earth did those people manage to do with themselves who don't have a hobby as wonderful as sewing?! We are all so lucky to have sewing in our lives, aren't we!

On a personal level, our family had some devastating news last week and we suddenly lost our lovely, lovely mum, which is why I've been a bit quiet around these parts for a while.

In true Mother style, she took on the over-70s shielding part of lockdown with true grit! She decorated her kitchen, made umpteen cushion covers, re-planted the garden, then it all suddenly stopped. About a month or so ago, she started to feel a bit "off-colour" (her words!) and just couldn't shake this thing off that she was suffering from. After quite a few tests, she was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer which came as a bit of shock as she didn't even have a cough! She sadly but peacefully passed away in hospital two weeks later on Friday 21st August. Since then, it's all been a bit of a blur and everything seems so surreal. All we can say is how lucky we were that she wasn't in any pain, even at the end. She didn't even have any of her pain relief of choice - the trusty old Calpol!!

The Mother was not only part of the Fabricate furniture (you could often catch her in the shop raiding my shelves on a Wednesday afternoon when she'd call in for a cuppa and a catch up!) but she was also the inspiration behind Fabricate. She taught me how to sew from a very young age and whenever I saw her she had a needle and thread in her hand so if it wasn't for her, this little fabric shop wouldn't exist, which means we have a lot to thank her for. I often think her's was an elaborate plan to groom me into setting up a shop so she could have haberdashery on tap! :)

We were very much on the same wavelength, shared the same often bizarre sense of humour and we both had the same drain-like laugh. I've lost my right-hand woman, my partner in crime and my wingman, which at times is quite overwhelming. However, she wouldn't want me to dwell on it too much; there's still her favourite sewing shop to run after all, and what better tribute to The Mother than to make sure it goes from strength to strength?! 

Mum's last words to me were actually "I've had a lovely time". Well, lady, the pleasure was all mine.



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