10 Fabulous Scrap Busting Ideas

May 28 2021 1 Comment

Do you find that you have lots of leftovers from previous projects & don't know what to do with them? Here’s some of our 10 top projects to make with your remnants...

1. Facings, pocket linings & bias binding

There's no rules saying that the insides of your garments have to be made in the exact same fabric as the outsides. This is a great way to add a bit of interest & detail to your dressmaking project - a quarter of a metre or so is all that's needed to cut out 4 pockets & you can get a couple of metres of bias binding from a 10" square. I show you how in this video.)

2. Bags & Pouches

What better way is there to keep plastic out of the oceans & fabric from landfill than making a reusable bag? There's a gazillion bag patterns out there, from a simple Tote bag to all singing all dancing zips & whistles - (ok, so maybe not whistles but you can get as fancy as you like). A cotton remnant is better than viscose for this but viscose can be interfaced to make it more stable. A Morsbag is a great place to start & a good way to practice your French seams (make Philippa happy & do French seams). We've got lots of bag patterns in stock if you fancy trying something a bit fancier.


3. Scrappy Quilts

This is a fun one, did you know know that you don't have to have perfectly aligned corners & seams to make a quilt? Avert your eyes 'proper quilters' while improv quilting enters the building. This is essentially making it up as you go along & is very liberating. You can of course cut all your scraps into nice neat even blocks too, no-one is judging you but seriously give Improv quilting a go, here's one I made earlier, (in true Blue Peter style). 

4. Jewellery

Turn your leftovers into a lovely gift using up the tiniest of remnants. This is especially good for special or expensive fabrics when you just can't bear to throw any away. You just need some beads to wrap the fabric around & can be made using either a woven or a stretch fabric. Here's a tutorial from Sew Different showing you how.

5. Children's Clothes

It's amazing what you can make for a child from the tiniest amount of fabric. They're not as time consuming or as fiddly as you might expect & kids don't care whether you pattern match or not. We've got lots of the Poppy & Jazz range in stock. The Juniper skirt is designed for woven fabrics & the Birch trousers are designed for knits. 

6. Children's Toys & Projects
While we're on the subject of kids, this little book is full of projects for creative children, from dressing up projects & toys to building blocks for babies. 
Belle & Boo - S is for Sewing contains 25 projects full of pretty nostalgic illustrations & is designed to engage their imagination.
7. Wax wraps
Perhaps one of the simplest of all ideas & no sewing. Just use a pair of pinking shears to stop the edges from fraying & coat in melted beeswax & you're good to go. Environmentally friendly butties, that not only save you a fortune but help to save the planet too by cutting down on that pesky cellophane wrap that no-one can get out of the container without getting in a muddle. Here's a how to
from BHG.com.
8. Bunting
What better way to spend a wet Sunday afternoon & cut out all your cotton scraps into triangles & sew them onto a piece of ribbon. Bunting will cheer up any room or make lots & string it across your patio for a summer barbecue.  Another project where you can get the kids involved & cut out with pinking shears. Or you can make them fancier, sew 2 fabrics right sides together & applique letters on to them. Here's a free template for you to download.
9. Undies
This is a great one for all those single jersey leftovers you may have. Megan Nielsen has a great free pattern for the Acacia undies/pants/knickers -  whatever you want to call them. I tend to keep this pattern handy & when I cut out a T-shirt out & have a bit left over cut out the undies at the same time & then batch sew them when I have a few to do. Great for batch sewing when you can't think of what to make.
10. Pouffes
Perhaps the ultimate scrapbuster is a Pouffe. Not only can you make one from your leftover fabrics but you can stuff them with all those awkward sized bits that you don't know what to with. Great for hiding sneaky purchases too! Be warned though - these things are insatiable! Closet Core Patterns have a fab free pattern here. You can even use some of that bias binding that you made as a trim!
I hope that these ideas have inspired you to make use out of your scraps. Let us know what your favourites scrap busting project is in the comments!

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  • brilliant ideas thank you for sharing it’s given me some ideas x

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