Great British Sewing Bee 2022 Episode 2 Recap - Sportswear Week

May 06 2022 5 Comments Tags: Great British Sewing Bee, Great British Sewing Bee 2022

How naive of me to think there could not possibly be a week less interesting to me than Childrenswear week (I have no kids + I don't like kids = zero interest) and along came a week when they had to make chuffing knock-off Converse in the Pattern Challenge!!! 🤦‍♀️ Have Patrick and Esme now started a sweatshop as a sideline?!

This week started poorly. I think my uncontrollable, frustration-induced foot-tapping started the earliest it ever has done at the thought of having to cut out 3 million tiny bits of fabric and punch 25,000 eyelets into a pair of high-tops. For me (and I know you might disagree), this fell into the same category as making a bra, knitting a pair of socks or crocheting a dishcloth. I mean, come on!!

Rather unsurprisingly, the end results weren't much cop. Even the finished articles didn't look that great and were quite reminiscent of a pair of trainers your grandma would pick up from the market and try and convince you were the real deal. It was quite remarkable how little Angela managed to do in four hours, though. What were you doing, Angela? Were you the nominated tea lady for that challenge?! I'm not for one second saying that I could have done any better; I'm saying that sometimes things can look very "homemade" rather than "hand-crafted" - there is a difference!!

This week, while I was slowly going insane, I looked at the Transformation Challenge differently. Imagine you were an alien and you'd just walked into that room to see a line of "outfits" made using netball kit, and then watched Patrick and Esme seriously critique them. Sometimes, I'm very surprised French & Saunders haven't done a spoof of this programme.

What was that sporran thing that Richie made?! Does he know that the ladeez don't stand at urinals? My favourite (I use that term very loosely) was the top that Debra made. How effective was that stitching on the pleats?! I think she was robbed. Brogan's was alright, but I don't think I'd go about my day wearing a dress with my netball position on my skirt. (Goal Keeper, if you're interested; very little running and perfect if you have a growth spurt as a 13 year old!)

Things finally started to look up in the Made to Measure Challenge, when the contestants had to make a sports jacket inspired by their favourite sporting icons. This was the challenge where we discovered this week's Smart Ar*e of the Week; step forward Richie, with your knitted cuffs and hemband and Tom Daley zipper pull! 🙄 I was hoping the zipper pull would be one of those things that if you tip one way, you would see Tom Daley in his trunks and then tip the other way to reveal Tom in the altogether, but I don't think Richie's engineering skills were up to the task. Unfortunately, Richie then chose to make his jacket in a kiddy size, which made it a bit snug on his model and therefore rendered his efforts pointless.

I must say, some of the jackets were bloomin' amazing! I loved Brogan's and Marni's in particular. I would wear Marni's every day of the week and adopt a Liam Gallagher type swagger whilst doing so, and she quite deservedly won Star Garment this week.

I thought it was hard to choose the person who had to go this week as there were a few who had a 'mare at various points. Unfortunately, though, it was Chichi, which was probably the right choice. Her jacket wasn't the best but they're all such a talented bunch this year that one slip up and I think they’ll be offski. I reckon Richie's zipper pull probably saved him from the chop this week! 😉

Next week is Summer Week, so fingers crossed that will maintain my interest. I'll just make sure to save my Wordle that day for the Transformation Challenge! 😉😂

Have a good week dudes!


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  • Loved Debra’s top too It looked wearable and great colour and stitching Would you every make a pair of trainers ….duh What about a jump suit They seem to be everywhere at the moment ?!!and jump could be a sporty association keep up these great reflections 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Lynn savage on
  • So, I reckon your my spirit human, also: no kids, don’t like kids – bleurgh. Plus wordle for boring times is THE BEST. Have you tried framed, moviedle or heardle? All mighty entertaining. As is always the case I get get fairweather sewers inspiration during sewing bee season, might come and do some gentle stalking in the shop as I only live in Batley 😂

    Gemma raby on
  • And have you seen how much the sneaker soles are to buy in order to make your own!!! You could buy a dozen pairs from you know were and tart them up a bit for that money.

    Janet on
  • Great review and my thoughts entirely! I did feel sorry for the contestants having to make a pair of bloomin’ sneakers. Seriously?!

    Zenky on
  • Nice to read a review that isn’t a gush fest. It’s a really hard job to take on (I mean being a contestant) and some fairly ghastly things come out of it (ask me how I know!) I think we all admit the effort that everyone puts in but it is so nice to read reviews that don’t hold back – but aren’t mean either.

    Janet Poole on

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