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Yes, it's happened. After much stalking and investigative work, we have managed to find Damien from the Sewing Bee! Not only that, he actually came to the shop to visit us! (Of his own free will, I might add. There was no need for a hood and a tranquiliser dart.)

The journey of discovery started when a lovely lady who had read one of my Sewing Bee blog posts sent me a message to say she had an inroad to Damien through a relative and would I like her to get in touch with him. ERM, YES PLEASE, MISSUS!!!! I therefore composed a very embarrassing email for her to forward onto him, he then gave us a ring a couple of months ago (using an "unknown" number - he's not daft!) and then on Friday he just turned up out of the blue!

Now, don't be under the illusion we rolled out the red carpet. No, no, no, that's just not the Fabricate way. He unfortunately arrived at the same time as the postie, and because it had been a particularly busy day in the shop, Sam and I were late bagging up the parcels, so we were running around trying to get everything done. To say Damien received less than a warm welcome was an understatement. As he was masked up, I firstly thought he was a Sales Rep and actually wished he would go away as it had been such as busy day. Then, because Sam seemed to greet him as if she'd known him for years (she's one of those sociable people), I then assumed he was one of Sam's friends! It was only when he mentioned cashing in the offer of a free brew did I realise who it was, and this was only because I don't offer brews out willy nilly, so it did narrow it down somewhat.

Once I had determined who he was, we all had a nice chat about his time on the Sewing Bee, he slagged off all the other contestants (JOKE - THAT IS A JOKE!!!!!!), had a brew and a biccie (miraculously, we managed to find a packet that was still in date) and he went on his merry way. Without buying anything, I might add, but hey ho, that's besides the point. (At least we only gave him instant coffee; I'd have felt aggrieved if we'd have powered up the Nespresso machine.)

Unfortunately I had to get a photo, just to prove to you that this actually happened. For a normal person, this wouldn't have been a big deal, however I am the most unphotogenic person in the world and have hardly ever been able to take a good photo on the fly. No word of a lie, if you see a posed photo of me in a blog post or on social media, chances are it's taken about 30 minutes to get right. But here we are. There's unfortunate placement of the "No Squirty, No Touchy" sign, which looks even more random since Sam took away the hand sanitiser so it didn't get in the way!!!!!

Thanks for bobbing over, Damien, and if you buy summat next time, we'll upgrade you to a Nespresso.

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  • We can all breathe a sigh of relief now to know he is actually real and you got to meet him. He needs to come back to your shop and give a proper interview, we need to know all the gossip about his time on the show.

    Kelly Glen on
  • Hahaha class! A proper Yorkshire welcome.
    He was beyond my fave contestant.
    I hope we see him again, he’s wasted in obscurity.

    Lisa on
  • Love this! I can really imagine Damien hosting a Sewing Bee spin off show (of the It takes two/Extra slice genre) and I hope he gets lots of opportunities to be on TV should he want them. I know I would like him to!

    Loretta on
  • Oh I wish I had been there! But so glad he made the effort and you met him. And actually your photo is lovely. If you want your jeans repairing I will do it!!! X

    Sandra Evans on
  • Loved your blood about Damien loved his sewing antics on the program

    Suzan dearing on

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