Great British Sewing Bee: Episode 10: THE FINAL!

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And now, the end is near, and so we face, the final...fro-ock! 

Yes folks, we've all made it. I've managed to find some kind of ridiculousness in each and every episode of this series of The Bee and you have persevered and read my recaps each week. We all deserve a medal!

The final three, Rebecca, Raph & Serena, were all worthy finalists in my eyes as apart from a few blips, I think they've been the most consistent throughout the series.

Videos were shown of interviews with each contestant's family and a bit about their background. You have to give the guy credit for firmly sticking with his story that he'd never made a dress before the Sewing Bee, but come on Raph, none of us came down in the last shower! I was hoping for some kind of Scooby Doo reveal at the end of the episode which said he'd actually been the head garment developer at Ralph Lauren for the past five years and he'd fooled us all, but alas, it never happened.

How the chuffing Nora does Serena fit everything in?! How on earth does she have time to do all her medical studenting AND sew as much as she does?! Maybe she's one of these strange people who doesn't watch TV. Perhaps if I didn't watch the soaps, I'd be a lot more productive too. (Lesson learned.)

Rebecca said that she was looking forward to going back to work at Morrison's, and why wouldn't she? Their salad bar and cooked chickens are immense and I have it on good authority you get a rather nice staff discount!

The final Pattern Making challenge involved making a child's bridesmaid dress. I think Rebecca slipped up in this as she chose to make hers using a duchess satin, which she had also used in a previous challenge. I felt she played this a bit safe, whereas Serena and Raph went all-in and chose silks. At one stage, Rebecca looked to have pulled a blinder as she seemed to be steaming ahead, whereas both Serena's and Raph's dresses were looking a bit dodge, but in the end Serena prevailed again.

The final Transformation Challenge (thank the Lord!!) required the sewers to make festival outfits using household items. 😑 When exactly was it that people started dressing so outlandishly for festivals?! During my V festival days in the late '90s, my outfit was a pair of cargo pants, vest top or Oasis t-shirt and my trusty Adidas Gazelles. Nowadays, if you're not covered head-to-toe in sequins to go along with your Daisy Dukes and Hunter wellies, then I imagine you're a bit of an outcast! Anyhoo, I digress. I have very little to say about this challenge. I've struggled throughout the series to muster up any enthusiasm for this challenge and I'm certainly not going to start singing its praises now. Raph won, it was very nice. Moving on...!

The final Made to Measure saw the sewers be able to use friends or relatives as their models and as the sewers had been locked up in their COVID-free bubble for a fair few weeks, they all got a bit emosh, apart from Serena's model, who amusingly showed zero reaction when Serena burst into tears! Good lass; a woman after my own heart!!  😂😂

I liked how they all seemed to choose models who looked like they were around the same size for the bust, waist and hip. I don't think I'd ever be anyone's first choice as a model for that challenge; you don't want to be chancing it with someone who's one size for the bust, two sizes bigger in the waist then back down to a size smaller in the hip for the final, do you?!! Plus I would probably trip up on the catwalk.

I know a lot of people didn't like it, but I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Serena's yellow dress! It looked so simple, but then hidden away was all that lovely detail in the gathering and boning - amazing!

Raph's was a bit of a let down for me; I was excited at the concept, but I don't think he pulled it off, unfortunately. I think the dress would have looked more dramatic if the overskirt was quite a bit longer than the mini dress that it was attached to and trailed behind. But hey, I don't work for Ralph Lauren so what do I know?! 😉

Rebecca's was a lovely dress and very well made, but I don't think the fabric was special enough for it. I think if you're going to make a dress with a train, the fabric has to have some pizazz - some kind of sparkle or umph or something. Although it was a nice fabric she used, it just looked like a fabric you would use to make a nice "going out frock".

In the end, Serena deservedly took the win and I'm not ashamed to say, but this stone-hearted lady shed a tear at the end! It was such a good series with a great mix of people. I was very interested to see that Damo has a dog called Buster and now I'm wondering if I can tempt him over here with my puppies? (Actual Pug puppies people, nothing else, don't be rude!!!!! 😉)

Thanks very much for reading over these past 10 weeks. I still have some leads to follow in my quest to locate Damo for a shop visit, so if I hear owt, you'll be the first to know!

Catch ya later and keeeeeep sewing!

P x 

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  • I shall really miss your reviews as much as the Bee, loved them.

    Margie on
  • Cracking analysis, as usual! I loved the yellow dress as well – it definitely fit the brief, you have to be a bit out there with a red carpet dress!
    Perhaps you need to organize some sort of shop event for #findingdamo… Like Frocktails, but with puppies and motorbikes and tweed? 🤔

    Claire Oman on
  • I have looked forward to reading your out takes of the sewing bee and has given me a much needed giggle. Going to miss this.
    Thank you for the last 10 weeks x

    Honor Broxap on
  • Have loooooved your blog You’re thoughts were just like mine except that I was secretly hoping that Rebecca would do something sensational on the last prog and actually win I love it when an under dog comes good !!
    A friends fella said that Damian belongs to Stoneclough band …. Will try and get more info for you
    What canI look forward to now ? Think I’ll make up the pattern I purchased from you now the weathers gone bobbins Lynn x

    Lyn savage on
  • Agree with pretty much everything you said. I’m glad Serena won, she was my favourite from the start, but definitely the best 3 were in the final. Very enjoyable series, as always. I hope Joe stays as presenter, too – he’s made me laugh countless times. See you next year!

    Cheryl on

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