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When I was giving the shop a revamp, I fancied developing a hashtag to build our little shop community even further. I didn't want one incorporating the shop name, as they can sometimes look a bit too cheesy and I wanted one that could be a little bit tongue in cheek, which is basically how I am in real life. ALL the time!

My first thought was #motherfabriclover which caused more than a few raised eyebrows between Brother Joel and my VA, Dee, who I had enlisted to help with the task. To the point that I barely even got any response from them because they thought I was winding them up! The cheek!! So thanks to Dee, who toned it down a little bit, we now have #GoSewYourself. Brother Joel had devised the initial tagline of "Make Yourself" for our rebrand, which I then developed into "Sew Yourself" to make it more relevant to the shop and then Dee took this a step further for the hashtag.

The thinking behind "Sew Yourself" and subsequently #GoSewYourself is that this is what being able to sew enables you to do. It gives you the freedom to be you and to sew your best version of you, whatever you want that to be. You don't have to be reliant on any trends if you don't want to be, but if you do then that's ok too. 

I want you to feel proud of your makes. It really doesn't matter if your topstitching is slightly wonky or if your collar isn't as pointy as it could be; you have just taken a bit of cloth, cut it out by hand and manipulated it to make a piece of clothing and that, my friend, is bloomin' fantastic and takes MAD SKILLS!!!!

That is why this year, we're encouraging you to use this hashtag and tag us in whenever you post something on social media that you have made using one of our fabrics. To clarify, this is on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. I'm not involved in all that SnapChat, what with me not being a 14 year old girl. At the end of each month, I will be checking the hashtag and the maker of the winning creation for that month will receive a £20 Fabricate gift card. Not a social media sensation? No worries! If you come to the shop for a workshop, Sewcial or just for a good old splurge, we can take your photo with your creation next to our Insta Wall in the workshop space upstairs and you can enter that way. We don't penalise you for not being a social media star in our shop! ;-)

So get creating and be you. In other words, #GoSewYourself

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