Great British Sewing Bee: Episode 9 - The Semi-Final: 1940s Week

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Where has all the humour gone?! I'll tell you where, shall I, it's installing some IT stuff somewhere over in Bolton! I mean, Joe does his best, but he's no Damo is he?! That Northern wit was sadly lacking this week. Anyway, the time for mourning has passed and we'll just have to crack on as best we can for the final two episodes!

The Pattern Making challenge this week was to make some Oxford bags, which The Husband saw and proclaimed he'd "quite like some of those". 😮 He must either have ambitions to be Gene Kelly or he fancies heading over to a Northern Soul evening. Either way, he'd better find himself another dancing partner, as I have the rhythm and grace of a three-legged rhinoceros.

Yet again, Farie failed to finish. Am I the only one that this really annoyed?! I really don't think that if you fail to finish on practically every Pattern Making challenge there has been that you deserve a place in the semi-final. All the contestants could spend their time making every little thing as perfect as possible because I would imagine none of them would like to see their work not bob on, but they don't because they know they have to finish! Yes, I'm bitter, and no, I'm not even bothered.

I pity the poor bloke who would have to have worn Rebecca's trousers before it was pointed out she'd forgotten the zip guard; he'd have come a right cropper wearing those!! 😬

Raph & Serena both smashed it with their trousers. Serena is so neat and technically correct with her sewing that it's bordering on the obscene! 😂

Onto the Transformation Challenge and hold on to your hats - it's only taken 9 episodes, but I actually enjoyed this one!! I think it's because turning parachutes into garments was something that actually happened back in the '40s, instead of it being something made up just for the sake of it.

I think Serena's ruffle dress was totally inspired! Regardless of what I think to the Transformation Challenge concept, you can't really fault any of them for actually coming up with ideas. They could give me three days to make something and I still wouldn't have a clue! I don't think Esme was particularly fair to Rebecca though; she wasn't keen on the colour palette she used, but I don't think you can blame Rebecca for the colour of the parachute! I really liked her overall design.

The Made to Measure this week was to make an outfit inspired by Dior's New Look. If only Damo had still been here to make an actual trip to New Look for his outfit...!

It was looking touch-and-go with Rebecca for a while; despite the jacket not lining up, I don't think she really got the concept of the challenge and she shouldn't have added that bit of coordinating fabric to the jacket. 

Raph's was bloody gorgeous though! I wish I could wear something like that, however I refer to my earlier "rhinoceros" comparison.

I'd have actually chosen that one as Garment of the Week, but it was nice to see Serena win it. I couldn't really believe she hadn't won it before, and it doesn't seem fair that Fairie had won it quite a few times despite her inability to finish anything. (Again, I know, I have to let the bitterness go!!! 😂😂)

It was definitely time for Farie to go and I'm pleased to see the three most consistent sewers in the final. I have to say, I can't call it at this stage as it does depend on how they do on the day. My gut feeling at this stage says Serena, but she might have a shocker, so it will be very interesting!

#FindingDamo Update:

  • I have searched social media to no avail.
  • I have Googled "Damien Wilton IT installation Bolton" to no avail. 
  • I have searched LinkedIn to no avail.
  • Sam has seen he is a member of a jazz Facebook group (WTF?!), which needs investigating further.
  • If you Google the phrase "Damien Wilton Bolton", a large number of images of criminals are shown, which is worrying. Thankfully, none of which seem to have been done for shoplifting in Rocha John Rocha.

You will be found, Damo, you will be found...! 😉😂

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  • I love reading your column each week, brilliant

    Isobelk on
  • Apparently Damien (who we miss so much) went to evening classes here
    I’m thinking they may have his contact details and might pass on your information to him if you ask and explain you are a business ……and not a stalker LOL!
    Good luck with the search

    Kay Eldred on
  • A very entertaining blog, thank you.

    Elaine on
  • Always look forward to your weekly update. Laugh out loud moments 😂. Have to agree with you re Esme’s comments on Rebecca’s parachute dress. I thought it was really good and just to mark it down because she didn’t like the colour was unfair. Bit like saying Serena’s dress the other week was to wearable 🤨. Thought Ralph’s new look outfit was great, do on brief.

    Lynn hunter on

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